Friday, August 11, 2017

Generating Steam Heat radio show 08.08.17

On this weeks show we worked our way through some of the mountain of new and forthcoming releases and choice reissues that are coming at us from all angles-it's a dirty job but someones gotta do it!

The playlist and some notes:

Syndrome 81-N’ouble Jamais (From the Primator Crew Records ‘Syndrome 81/Urban Savage’ split EP 2017)

Syndrome 81 Bandcamp.

Lions Law-Demain (From the UPVR Records album ‘From The Storm’ 2017)

Lions Law Bandcamp.

Fresh-Fuck My Life (From the forthcoming self titled Specialist Subject Records album 2017)

Fresh Bandcamp.

Cherry Glazerr-Told You I’d be With The Guys (From the Secretly Canadian Records album ‘Apocalipstick’ 2017) 

Cherry Galazerr Bandcamp.

Penetrode-Fando Y Lis (From the Neck Chop Records split C.H.E.W/Penetrode EP ‘Strange New Universe’ 2017)

Penetrode Bandcamp.

C.H.E.W-Poor Odds (From the Neck Chop Records split C.H.E.W/Penetrode EP ‘Strange New Universe’ 2017)

C.H.E.W Bandcamp.

Dauoyflin-Ljotir Kommunister (From the Iron Lung Records album ‘Ofbeldi’ 2017)

Dauoyflin Bandcamp.

MOZART-Miserable Adult (From the Iron Lung Records EP ‘Nasty’ 2017)

MOZART Bandcamp.

Petite-Counted (From the self titled, self released cassette EP 2017) 

Petite Bandcamp.

The Big Moon-The Road (From the Fiction Records album ‘Love In The 4th Dimension’ 2017)

Honey Joy-Floreana (From the self titled Everything Sucks Records album 2017)

Honey Joy Bandcamp.

The Vibrators-No Heart (From the Epic Records album ‘Pure Mania’ 1977)

Play Dead-The Tenant (From the Jungle Records album ‘The First Flower’ 1986)

Council Of Giants-Glove (From the self released EP ‘Falling Down’ 2017)

Council Of Giants Bandcamp.

Hazel English-That Thing (From the Marathon Records album ‘Just Give In/Never Going Home’ 2017)

Furies-Luck Is With Me (From the forthcoming debut album, label/date unknown)

Furies Bandcamp.

Hard Wax-Diamond In The Rough (From the Rebellion Records album ‘Diamond In The Rough’ 2017)

Fights And Fires-Church Bells (Lockjaw Records album ‘Live Life Like A Tourist’ 2017)

Fights And Fires Bandcamp.

Download the show as an MP3 here.

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