Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Generating Steam Heat radio show 29.09.15 (Peter Hooks 'Unknown Pleasures' Joy Division bio special)

This week, Edx presented a themed special with guest Keith ('old, wiser, punker than you') Jones featuring bands mentioned by Peter Hook in his excellent bio 'Unknown Pleasures' that either influenced or shared a stage with Joy Division.

Keith was going to gigs and playing in bands throughout the punk and post punk era and talked first hand about many of the bands featured in 'Unknown Pleasures' including seeing the Sex Pistols in 1976, being inspired like Peter Hook by the Stranglers JJ Burnell and much more besides. 

If you want a snapshot of what it was like going to gigs and playing in bands through the punk and post punk era you've come to the right place...

The playlist and some notes: 

Joy Division-Interzone (From the Factory Records album 'Unknown Pleasures' 1979)

Peter Hook with Joy Division...

The Stranglers-Straighten Out (B side of the United Artists Records 7" 'Something Better Change' 1977)

Slaughter And The Dogs-Where Have All The Bootboys Gone (Decca Records 7" 1977)

The Drones-Bone Idol (Valer Records 7" 1977)

Buzzcocks-Sixteen Again (From the United Artists Records album  'Love Bites' 1978)

Sex Pistols-Don't Give Me No Lip Child (Virgin Records 7" 1978)

Here's some pics of the crowd at the Sex Pistols Newport Stowaway gig 22.09.76 that Keith went to:

The Heartbreakers-Get Off The Phone (From the Track Records album 'L.A.M.F' 1977)

The Clash-What's My Name (From the CBS Records album 'The Clash' 1977)

Keith playing with his punk band The Compressions in 1977...

The Fall-Totally Wired (Rough Trade Records 7’’ 1980)

Gang Of Four-At Home He Feels Like A Tourist (EMI Records 7" 1979)

Keith mentioned his London post punk band The Fuse who's bassist Suzi Gutsi was ex The Slits. Here they are live 1979...

The Undertones-You've Got My Numbers (Why Don't You Use It) (Sire Records 7" 1978)

Chelsea-Right To Work (Step Forward Records 7" 1977)

Iggy Pop-Dog Food (From the Arista Records album 'Soldier' 1979)

David Bowie-Sound And Vision (From the RCA Records album 'Low' 1978)

Kraftwerk-Neon Lights (From the Capitol Records album 'The Man Machine' 1978)

Echo And The Bunnymen-Do It Clean (B side of the Korova Records 7" 'The Puppet' 1979)

The Cure-Primary (From the Fiction Records album 'Faith' 1980)

Killing Joke-Requiem (EG Records 7" 1979)

New Order-Ceremony (Factory Records 7' 1979)

Download the show as an MP3 here

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Generating Steam Heat radio show 22.09.15

Show 26 where we mixed up a ton of new bands with some classic punk rock. We also played our first ever band from our hometown and delved into unknown foreign languages live on air. Next week we have a special based around Peter Hooks excellent bio of his time in Joy Division 'Unknown Pleasures'. Enjoy the show...

The playlist and some notes:

No Joy-Hollywood Teeth (From the Mexican Summer Records album ‘More Faithful’ 2015)

Martha-Dom Kan Inte Hora Musiken (From the Drunken Sailor Records split Martha/Benny The Jet Rodriguez 7’’ 2015)

We tried to work out what language the lyrics to this ace song are written in and came up with Swedish...turns we were correct! The song is a cover of a track by Swedish punks Masshysteri from thier second, self titled album.

Martha play the Cavern, Exeter on 12.11...

Martha Bandcamp.

No Ditching-Dickhead (From the Art For Blind Records 7’’ EP ‘Inseparable’ 2015)

No Ditching Bandcamp.

Ramones-The KKK Took My Baby Away (From the Sire Records album ‘Pleasant Dreams’ 1981)

Leatherface-I Want The Moon (From the Roughneck Records album ‘Mush’ 1991)

Mission Of Burma-Academy Fight Song (Ace Of Hearts Records 7’’ 1980)

GBH-Knife Edge (From the Clay Records MLP ‘Leather, Bristles, Studs & Acne’ 1981)

Anti Nowhere League-Snowman (From the WXYZ Records album ‘We Are The League…’ 1982)

Kates Party-You’ve Got Time (Self released digital single 2015)

Kates Party Bandcamp.

Worriers-They/Them/Theirs (From the Don Giovanni Records album ‘Imaginary Life’ 2015)

Bangers-No! (From the Specialist Subject Records album ‘Bird’ 2015)

Bangers Bandcamp.

Kuki And The Bard-Dali Lama (RAK Records 7’’ 2015)

Kuki And The Bard are the first hometown band we've played. Get there debut 7'' here.

Big Youth-Marcus Garvey (Epic Records 7’’ 1977) 

Ghostpoet/Nadine Shah-X Marks The Spot (From the Play It Again Same Records album ‘Shedding Skin’ 2015)

Penetration-Drifting Away (Pledge Music Digital single 2015)

Calling All Astronauts-Show Me Love (Supersonic Media Records digital single 2015)

Calling All Astronauts Bandcamp.

Flesh For Lulu-Subteraneans (From the Corporate Rick Products album ‘Best Off-Re-recorded’ 2009)

Gulp-Game Love (E.L.K Records 7’’ 2012)

NOFX-The Brews (From the Fat Wreck Chords album ‘Punk In Drublic’ 1994)

We mentioned Fat Mike from NOFX great interview on the always good 'Turned Out A Punk' podacast. Get it and all the other interviews here

Devo- (I Can't Get Me No) Satisfaction (Booji Boy Records 7'' 1977)

Gentleman Jimmy Tees surprise after show additional vinyl meltdown track…

Jesus And Mary Chain-Just Like Honey (Blanco Y Negro 7'' 1985)

Download the show as an MP3 here.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Generating Steam Heat radio show 15.09.15

Our 25th show sees us breaking new musical ground, including some psych/folk and country amongst the usual mix of new and classic punk, indie pop, post punk and boot boy & girl rock 'n' roll...

The playlist and some notes:

Great Cynics-Lost In You (From the Specialist Subject Records album ‘I Feel Wierd’ 2015)

Personal Best-Love Is On Your Side (From the Specialist Subject Records album ‘Arnos Vale’ 2015)

We talked about Specialist Subject Records who have put out a lot of bands that we've played on the show. Check out the label to find some great music.

Perkie-Run (From the self released album ‘Time Machines’ 2014)

Perkie Bandcamp.

Doe-Avalanche (Fierce Panda Records 7’’ 2014)

The Long Ryders-Looking For Lewis and Clark (Island Records 7’’ 1985)

The Dream Syndicate-Definitely Clean (From the Ruby Records album ‘The Days Of Wine and Roses’ 1982)

Ming City Rockers-Rosetta (From the Mad Monkey Records album ‘Ming City Rockers’ 2014)

The Wave Pictures-Sinister Purpose (From the Moshi Moshi  Records album ‘Great Big Flamingo Burning Moon’ 2015)

Toxic Reasons-We’re The Revolution (From the Alternative Tentacles Records album ‘Bullets For You’ 1986)

Tacocat-SK8 Or Die (From the Minor Bird Records EP ‘Womens Day’ 2011)

Seis Pistos-It’s Not Ok (From the self released album ‘Punk Rock Will Never Die’ 2014)

Seis Pistos Bandcamp.

The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart-Heart In Your Heartbreak (From the Slumberland Records album ‘Belong’ 2011)

C.O.B-Music Of The Ages (From the CBS Records album ‘Spirit Of Love’ 1970)

We forgot to mention that this track has recently been reissued by Cherry Red Records as part of a psych/folk compilation 'Dust On The Nettles'. Hear an interview with David Wells, the man behind the compilation here.

Death Wish-Calypso (From the Sub Pop Records album ‘Pain’ 2015)

The Lemonheads-Become The Enemy (From the Vagrant Records album ‘Lemonheads’ 2006)

The Lemonheads top 10 we talked about is here.

Kalli Ashton-Worth Your While (Self released digital single 2015)

Kalli Ashton Soundcloud.

Shandy-Rock ‘n’ Roll Soldiers (Longshot/Contra Records 7’’ 2015) 

Shandy draw on the 70's Autralian youth cult of the Sharpies alongside glam, punk and oi! We call that mix Boot boy rock 'n' roll... 

Hammersmith Gorillas-You Really Got Me (Penny Farthing Records 7’’ 1974)

Gentleman Jimmy Tees surprise after show additional vinyl meltdown track…

Eddie And The Hot Rods-On The Run (From the Island Records album ‘Teenage Depression’ 1976)

Download the show as an MP3 here.