Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Generating Steam Heat radio show 29.09.15 (Peter Hooks 'Unknown Pleasures' Joy Division bio special)

This week, Edx presented a themed special with guest Keith ('old, wiser, punker than you') Jones featuring bands mentioned by Peter Hook in his excellent bio 'Unknown Pleasures' that either influenced or shared a stage with Joy Division.

Keith was going to gigs and playing in bands throughout the punk and post punk era and talked first hand about many of the bands featured in 'Unknown Pleasures' including seeing the Sex Pistols in 1976, being inspired like Peter Hook by the Stranglers JJ Burnell and much more besides. 

If you want a snapshot of what it was like going to gigs and playing in bands through the punk and post punk era you've come to the right place...

The playlist and some notes: 

Joy Division-Interzone (From the Factory Records album 'Unknown Pleasures' 1979)

Peter Hook with Joy Division...

The Stranglers-Straighten Out (B side of the United Artists Records 7" 'Something Better Change' 1977)

Slaughter And The Dogs-Where Have All The Bootboys Gone (Decca Records 7" 1977)

The Drones-Bone Idol (Valer Records 7" 1977)

Buzzcocks-Sixteen Again (From the United Artists Records album  'Love Bites' 1978)

Sex Pistols-Don't Give Me No Lip Child (Virgin Records 7" 1978)

Here's some pics of the crowd at the Sex Pistols Newport Stowaway gig 22.09.76 that Keith went to:

The Heartbreakers-Get Off The Phone (From the Track Records album 'L.A.M.F' 1977)

The Clash-What's My Name (From the CBS Records album 'The Clash' 1977)

Keith playing with his punk band The Compressions in 1977...

The Fall-Totally Wired (Rough Trade Records 7’’ 1980)

Gang Of Four-At Home He Feels Like A Tourist (EMI Records 7" 1979)

Keith mentioned his London post punk band The Fuse who's bassist Suzi Gutsi was ex The Slits. Here they are live 1979...

The Undertones-You've Got My Numbers (Why Don't You Use It) (Sire Records 7" 1978)

Chelsea-Right To Work (Step Forward Records 7" 1977)

Iggy Pop-Dog Food (From the Arista Records album 'Soldier' 1979)

David Bowie-Sound And Vision (From the RCA Records album 'Low' 1978)

Kraftwerk-Neon Lights (From the Capitol Records album 'The Man Machine' 1978)

Echo And The Bunnymen-Do It Clean (B side of the Korova Records 7" 'The Puppet' 1979)

The Cure-Primary (From the Fiction Records album 'Faith' 1980)

Killing Joke-Requiem (EG Records 7" 1979)

New Order-Ceremony (Factory Records 7' 1979)

Download the show as an MP3 here

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