Monday, April 23, 2018

Generating Steam Heat radio show 17.04.18

This week is a cause for celebration as we reach our 150th show! How? Why?! We don't know either but we got in the party mood by playing the usual eclectic mix of tunes...

The playlist and some notes:

Harker-Black Dog (From the Disconnect Disconnect Records album ‘No Discordance’ 2018)

Harker Bandcamp.

Juliana Hatfield-Physical (From the American Landromat Reccords album ‘Juliana Hatfield Sings Olivia Newton-John’ 2018)

Austerity-Occupation (Crouton Records digital single 2018)

Austerity Bandcamp.

Petrol Girls-Touch Me Again (From the Bomber Music Records album ‘Talk Of Violence’ 2016)

Petrol Girls Bandcamp.

Gina X, Red Axes-No GDM (Red Axes remix) (From the Relish Records compilation album ‘Relish Compilation IV’ 2015)

Taxi Girl-Paris (Virgin Records 7’’ 1984)

The Southern Death Cult-Moya (Situation 2 Records 7’’ 1982)

Bodega-How Did This Happen!? (From the forthcoming Whats Yr Rupture Records album ‘Endless Scroll’ 2018)

Bodega Bandcamp.

Julie Peel-A Night Like This (From the American Landromat Reccords compilation album ‘Just Like Heaven-A Tribute to the Cure’ 2008) 

Julie Peel Bandcamp.

Sex Tourists-Disconnect (From the self titled Paradise Records album 2017)

Great Grandpa-NO (From the Double Double Whammy Records album ‘Plastic Cough’ 2017)

Great Grandpa Bandcamp.

Faz Waltz-Right On (From the Contra Records album ‘Double Decker’ 2018)

Faz Waltz Bandcamp.

Pleasure Trap-Below Zero (From the Contra Records album ‘All Nighter’ 2018)

Pleasure Trap Bandcamp.

Dream Nails-Cookies 4 U (Digital track 2018)

Dream Nails Bandcamp.

Tom Waits-Tango Till They’re Sore (From the Island Records album ‘Rain Dogs’ 1985)

Wonk Unit-Always The Same (From the Drunken Sailor Records album ‘Pwosion Idea: Feel the Wonkness’ 2015)

Wonk Unit Bandcamp.

Download the show as an MP3 here.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Generating Steam Heat radio show 10.04.18

On this weeks globally infamous Generating Steam Heat we featured a possible single of the year alongside the usual mix of new tunes and lost classics...

The playlist and some notes:

Cross Wires-We Call The Shots (From the self released album ‘Living in a Radio City’ 2017)

Cross Wires Bandcamp.

Adwaith-Fel iFod (Libertino Records 7’’ 2018)

Adwaith Soundcloud.

Ganglions-Peas (From  the Audacious Art Experiment Records cassette EP ‘Thirsty’ 2018)

Ganglions Bandcamp.

Interrobang?-Based On a True Story (From the All The Madmen Records album ‘Interrobang?’ 2018)

The Cosmopolitans-Wild Moose Party (Shake Records 7’’ 1980)

Chandra-Subways (From the GO GO Records EP ‘Transportation’ 1980)

The Avalanches-Subways (From the Modular Recordings album ‘Wildflower’ 2016)

4 Skins-Chaos (From the EMI Records album ‘Oi! The Album’ 1980)

Skin Disease-I’m Thick (From the Secret Records compilation EP ‘Back On The Streets’ 1982)

The Violators-Government Stinks (From the No Future Records compilation album ‘A Country Fit For Heroes’ 1982) 

Kurt Vile-Lost my Head There (From the Matador Records album ‘b’lieve ‘im goin down…’ 2015)

League Of Pity-Illegal Alien (From the self released album ‘Outrage!’ 2017)

League Of Pity Bandcamp.

Doubling Boys-Bide Luzea (Primator Crew Records 7’’ 2018)

Doubling Boys

The Boys-Soda Pressing (From the self titled Nems Records album 1977)

Girl Ray-The Way We Came Back (Moshi Moshi Records digital single 2018)

Girl Ray Bandcamp.

Whyte Horses-Empty Words (From the CRC Music Records album ‘Empty Words’ 2018)

Onsind-Claimant (From the Specialist Subject Records album ‘We Wilt, We Bloom’ 2018)

Onsind Bandcamp

Download the show as an MP3 here.

Sunday, April 08, 2018

Generating Steam Heat radio show 03.04.18

We return this week with more top tunes including new releases from Happy Accidents, Booze and Glory and Nervus alongside a genuine lost classic from Chandra and much, much more...

The playlist and some notes:

Happy Accidents-Wait It Out (From the Alcopop! Records album Everything but the Here and Now’ 2018)

Happy Accidents Bandcamp.

Booze and Glory-Only Fools Get Caught (From the EP the Reggae Sessions Vol.1 (feat Vespa & The Londonians’ 2018) 

PTSD-Exposed (From the cassette EP ‘If You See Something Say Something’ 2017) 

PTSD Bandcamp.

Blitz-Strange Boy (From the Detour Records album ‘Bored Teenagers Vol. 5’ 2009)

Saville Row-Far Too Nice (Digital track 2018)

Saville Row Soundcloud.

Chandra-Kate (From the GO GO Records EP ‘Transportation’ 1980)

The Sound-Heartland (From the Korova Records album ‘Jeopardy’ 1980)

Heartside-Someone (From the self released MLP ‘Dangerous Times’ 2017)

Heartside Bandcamp.

Nervus-Medicine (From the Big Scary Monsters Records MLP ‘Everything Dies’ 2018)

Nervus Bandcamp.

Circle Jerks-Wild In The Street (From the Fauly Products Records album ‘Wild In the Streets’ 1982)

Angstbreaker-Blasphemy & Fun (From the self released EP ‘This Is Fun’ 2017)

Angstbreaker Bandcamp.

Pere Ubu-Street Waves (From the Rough Trade Records album ‘390 Degrees Of Simulated Stereo’ 1981)

MC16-Innocence Is Not A Technicality (Self Released digital single 2017)

Milk Teeth-Lillian (From the Road Runner Records EP ‘Go Away’ 2017)

Milk Teeth Bandcamp.

Download the show as an MP3 here.

Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Generating Steam Heat on Bombshell Radio and Global Punk Radio

Generating Steam Heat has teamed up with Bombshell Radio in Canada and Mixlr station Global Punk Radio to broadcast the show.

Bombshell Radio will broadcast the show every Monday at 16.00 EST/21.00 GMT. Listen to the show here or via the Bombshell Radio app available from the Apple or Google app store.

You can also now get the show as a weekly podcast from your favourite provider by subscribing to Bombshell Radio via our show page.

Global Punk Radio will broadcast the show as and when we are available to chat live (see below!)  Wednesdays at 20.00 GMT. To listen to the show sign up for a free Mixlr account and check out the show online here or via the Mixlr Iphone or Android app.

Listening to the show on Global Punk Radio will allow you to chat to us and other listeners in real time using the Mixlr live chat facility...listen in and tell us what you think of the show and the tracks we played (even if you don't like a particular song!)

The show will also continue to be broadcast on Soundart Radio every Tuesday at 22.00 GMT, Mixcloud and here on our blog.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Generating Steam Heat radio show 27.03.18

Fans of UK light entertainment were left reeling recently with the parting of the ways of Ant and Dec but fans of dynamic duos fear not because cometh the hour cometh the men! For the first time in nearly two months Ed and Gentleman Jimmy T return to the stage to present Generating Steam Heat together...

The playlist and some notes:

The Baby Seals-It’s Not About The Money Honey (From the self titled, self released MLP 2017) 

The Baby Seals Bandcamp.

Harker-Plague Your Heart (From the Fond Of Life Records album ‘No Discordance’ 2018)

Harker Bandcamp.

The Wave Pictures-Jim (Moshi Moshi Records digital single 2018)

The Wave Pictures Bandcamp.

Thee Headcoats-(We Hate The Fuckin’) NME (Damaged Goods Records 7’’ 1993)

Dead Kennedys-Chemical Warfare (From the Cherry Red Records album ‘Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables’ 1980)  

League Of Pity-Fascist College (From the self released album ‘Outrage!’ 2017)

League Of Pity Bandcamp.

Sievehead-Invocation (From the Static Shock Records album ‘Worthless Soul’ 2017)

Sievehead Bandcamp.

Ronnie Davis-The Power Of Love (Rosie Records 7’’ 1975)

She Past Away-Soluk (From the Remoov Records album ‘Narin Yalnizik’ 2015)

She Past Away Bandcamp.

Gwenno-Hi a Skoellyas Liv a Dhagrow (From the Heavenly Records album ‘Le Kov’ 2017)

The Vendettas-Inside Looking Out (Unreleased track 1977)

Cross Wires-Fanzines (From the self released album ‘Living in a Radio City’ 2017)

Cross Wires Bandcamp.

Radioactivity-Sleep (Wild Honey Records 7’’ 2017)

Rixe-La Cle (From the La Vida Es Un Mus Records cassette EP ‘Cassette Promo’ 2018)

Rixe Bandcamp.

The Rats-First Mistake (From the W4 Records compilation album ‘Double Booked’ 1977)

The BellRays-Mine All Mine (From the self released EP ‘Punk, Funk, Rock, Soul, Vol. 1’ 2017)

Download the show as an MP3 here.

Friday, March 23, 2018

Generating Steam Heat radio show 20.03.18 (Garage rock special #4)

This week DJ Nony Zero jumps back intime for the forth instalment of our occasional look at the wild world of sixties garage rock.

This time around Nony Zero hand pick an hour of garage rock freaks and geeks playing hard rockin' tunes that pre date punk and heavy rock. These rare slabs of vinyl were designed to blow both your minds and ear drums!

The playlist and some notes:

Flash & the Memphis Casuals-Uptight Tonight

The Esquires-Sadie's Ways

Dr Specs Optical Illusion-She's the One

David Clayton Thomas & the Bossmen-Brainwashed

The Wailers-Out of Our Tree

The Sparkles-Ain't No Friend of Mine

Bud & Kathy-Hang it Out to Dry

The Quests-Shadows in the Night

Thee Midniters-Jump, Jive & Harmonize

Rocky & the Riddlers-Flash & Crash

The Outside In-You Ain't Gonna Bring Me Down to My Knees

Brave New World-The Train Kept a' Rollin'

The Olivers-I Saw What You Did

It's All Meat-Feel It

The Chessmen-I Need You There

The Collectors-Make it Easy

Fallen Angels-Bad Woman

We The People-My Brother the Man

The Litter-Action Woman

Download the show as an MP3 here.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Generating Steam Heat radio show 13.03.18

Gentleman Jimmy T returns from his latest round of detox to fly solo on this weeks show. Jim has dug through the crates to bring you an hour of new tunes and lost classics...

The playlist and some notes:

Viletones-Screaming Fist (Vile Records 7’’ 1977)

The Autumn Stones-In With The Out Crowd (From the self released album ‘The Escapists’ 2015)

The Autumn Stones Bandcamp.

Abigail and Bliss-Hollywood (Tuesdays Gone) (Unreleased track 2015)

Abigail and Bliss Bandcamp.

Doubling Boys-Bad Reputation (From the Primator Crew Records EP ‘Bide Luzea’ 2017)

Rixe-Le Cent Pas (From the La Vida Es Un Mus Records cassette EP ‘Cassette Promo’ 2018) 

Chris Spedding & The Vibrators-Pogo Dancing (RAK Records 7’’ 1976)

Wilson Pickett-Land Of A Thousand Dances (Atlantic Records 7’’ 1966)

Lizzy Mercier Descloux-Jim On The Move 9From the ZE Records album ‘Press Color’ 1979)

The Baby Seals-Period Drama (From the self titled, self released EP 2017)

The Baby Seals Bandcamp.

Young Adventurers-Pet Holiday (From the self released EP ‘Short Sighted’ 2016)

Young Adventurers Bandcamp.

Marmozets-Habits (From the Roadrunner Records album ‘Knowing What You Know Now’ 2018)

Runt-Identity (From the La Vida Es Un Mus Records MLP ‘Positions Of Power’ 2017)

Jona Lewie-You'll Aways Find Me In The Kitchen At parties (Stiff Records 7'' 1980)

The New Deal-Canning Town Beach (Digital track 2018)

The Saints-The Story Of Love (From the Harvest Records album 'I'm Stranded' 1977) 

Dr Alimantado-Unitone Skank (From the Greensleeves Records album 'Best Dressed Chicken' 1978)

Horace Andy-Skylarking (From the Studio One Records album 'Skylarking' 1972) 

Download the show as an MP3 here.