Friday, January 20, 2017

Generating Steam Heat radio show 17.01.17 (Polish punk Special)

On this weeks #GSHradio we got Google translate fired up and ready to go as we explored the 
Polish punk and post punk scene of the 70s, 80s and 90s with our guest Jacek Ziegler from our favourite punk friendly brewery New Lion Brewery.

The playlist and some notes:

Siekiera-Siekiera (From the W Moich Oczach Records album ‘1984’ 2008)

Tzn Xenna-Zrob Cos (From the Migrena Records album ‘Ciemny Pokoj’ 1995)
Kult-Wonjy (Unknown label/release/date) 

Post Regiment-Kolory (From the self titled QQRYQ Records album 1992)

Moskwa-Nidgy (From the Prawda Cassette album ‘Nidgy’ 1986)

Jacek talked about Moskwas appearance on a documentary 'My Blood, Your Blood' about the Polish underground.

Brudne Dzieci Sida-Landryn (From the Mami Records cassette album ‘Love Kills’ 1999)

Dzieci Kapitana Klossa- Sopocka Plaża (From the self titled S.P Records cassette album 1993)

Kryzys-Telewizja (From the self titled Blitzkrieg Records album 1981)

Dezerter-Ku Przyszlosci (Tonpress Records 7’’ 1983)

Wlochaty-Uniesiony Duma (From self titled NiktNicNieWie Records album 1994)

Zielone Zabki-Dzieci Sa Zle (From the Tylko Pank Records album ‘Dzieci Sa Zle’ 1994)

Cela Nr 3-Cela Nr 3 (From the GRS tapes album ‘Kwiaty’ 2000)

Blade Loki-Odpierdol Sei (From the Silver-Ton Records cassette album ‘Młodzież Olewa’ 1995)

The Analogs-Strzelby Z Brixton (From the Rock ,n, Roller Records album ‘Oi Młodzież’ 1996)

KSU-Igla I Mak (From the Polton Records album ‘Ustrzyki’ 1991)

Guernica Y Luno-Punk Rock Nie Umar! (From the Mozgojad Records cassette album ‘Prawdziwie Wolny Jestem Jedynie Wtedy, Kiedy Równie Wolni Są Wszyscy Ludzie, Którzy Mnie Otaczają’ 1994)

Grzmot W Nocnicu-Marysie (Unknown label/release/date)

Siekiera-Misoiwie Puszsci (Tonpress Records 7’’ 1986)

Download the show as an MP3 here.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Generating Steam Heat radio show 10.01.17 (Our second imaginary record label special!)

The first #GSHradio of the year sees the return of our imaginary record label new music special.

For the second year running, our imaginary A&R department got the go ahead from our imaginary CEO to sign 15 bands to our imaginary record label that we’ve played over the past year. The bands we chose currently either make their music available online via Bandcamp, Soundcloud etc. release their own records or have one off releases on indie labels.

Everything we played is available on imaginary coloured vinyl with great imaginary artwork and imaginary lyrics sheets. If you want to travel back in time, last years imaginary record label special is here. In the meantime, here’s to more great sounds in 2017…

The playlist and some notes: 

The Cosmics-Johnny (Self Released digital single 2016)

Ganglions-Say No More (From the self released digital EP ‘Fetch!’ 2016)

Ganglions Bandcamp. 

Digital Octopus-I Got Your Number (Digital track 2016)

Blue House-I Found My Limit (From the Whipped Cream Records album ‘Suppose’ 2016)

Blue House Bandcamp.

Losing Sleep-Hesitate To Call (From the Beach Community Records album ‘Fear Of Missing Out’ 2016)

Losing Sleep Bandcamp.

Natterers-And No Birds Sing (From the self released digital EP 2016)

Natterers Bandcamp.  
Stanley-Still Alive (Digital track 2016)

Furies-Tell Me Why (From the Teenadelic Records 7’’'We're Goona have Some Fun' 2016)

Furies Bandcamp.

Hello Pedro-Best Friends (From the digital Revello/Hello Pedro/Curves & Nerves compilation EP 2016)

Hello Pedro Bandcamp
Matthew & Me-Figure (From the Beatnick Creative Records EP ‘Startpoint’ 2016)

Heathers-Gefhen (From the self released digital EP ‘Strange Allies’ 2016)

Heathers Bandcamp.  

The Belafontes-Saturday (Self released 7’’ 2016)

The Belafontes Bandcamp.

Girls Give Me Pills-Faith (Self released digital single 2016)

deux furieuses-Now You’re Gonna Listen (From the self released album ‘Tracks Of Wire’ 2016)

deux furieuses Bandcamp.

Revello-Salt Water (From the Leap Home Records EP ‘Party Hardly’ 2015)

Revello Bandcamp

Download the show as an MP3 here.


Thursday, December 22, 2016

Generating Steam Heat radio show 20.12.16 (End of year request special)

Yo ho ho! Lets go!...

The final #GSHradio of 2016 was an extended two hour 100% request only show.

Listeners, bands we've played and people who've help us out over the last year chose an eclectic mix of tunes covering old and new, familiar and obscure, punk, glam, reggae, indie rock, oi! and more GSH friendly sounds...

The playlist and some notes:

The Dwarves-Drinking Up Christmas (From the No Balls Records ‘The Dwarves/Blag Dahlia’ 10’’ EP 2007)

The Twilight Sad-Last January (From the Fat Cat Records album ‘Nobody Wants To Be Here and Nobody Wants To Leave’ 2014)

Stiff Little Fingers-Suspect Device (Rigid Digits Records 7’’ 1978)

Television-Days (From the Elektra Records album ‘Adventure’ 1978)

The Sisters Of Mercy-Valentine (From the Merciful Release Records EP ‘The Reptile House’ 1983)
Public Image Ltd-Rise (Virgin Records 7’’ 1986)

Killing Joke-Change (EG/Malicious Damage Records 7’’ 1980)

…And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of The Dead-Isis Unveiled (From Richter Scale/Justice Records album ‘The Century Of Self’ 2009)

Wire-Mannequin (Harvest Records 7’’ 1977)

Buzzcocks-Ever Fallen In Love (United Artists Records 7’’ 1978)

Mcrad-Weakness (From the Beware Records album ‘Absence Of Sanity’ 1987)

KSU-Jabol Punk (From the self titled Pronit Records album 1989)

Bob Marley and the Wailers-Natty Dread (From the Island Records album ‘Natty Dread’ 1974)

Keith Hudson-Turn The Heater On (From the Atra Records album ‘Torch Of Freedom’ 1975)

The The-Bugle Boy (From the 4AD Records album ‘Burning Blue Soul’ 1981)

Bo Ningen-Koroshitai Kimochi (Stolen Records 12’’ 2009)

Plume Of Feather-No Tabs (Dandelion Radio session track 2016)

Jesus And Mary Chain-Amputation (ADA Records digital single 2016)

Mondo Generator-Shawnette (From the Southern Lord Records album ‘Cocaine Rodeo’ 2000)

Savages-Sad Person (From the Matodor Records album ‘Adore Life’ 2016)

Eater-Lock It Up (The Label Records 7’’ 1977)

So What-Don’t Wanna Come Back To You (From the forthcoming Just Add Water Records album ‘Hard Gum’ 2016)

The Business-Real Enemy (From the Secret Records album ‘Suburban Rebels’ 1983)

Government Issue-World You and I (From the Giant Records album ‘You’ 1987)

The Clash-(White Man) In Hammersmith Palais (CBS Records 7’’ 1978)

Girls Give Me Pills-Faith (Self released digital single 2016)

Poison Idea-Hypnoptic (From the Southern Lord Records album ‘Confuse and Conquer’ 2015)

The Damned-There Ain’t No Sanity Clause (Chiswick Records 7’’ 1980)

Download the show as an MP3 here.