Thursday, February 25, 2016

Generating Steam Heat radio show 23.02.16

In this show we sneakily insert some dark acoustic based tracks into the mix to get your ears adjusted for a GSH special that Gentleman Jimmy Tees is working on for broadcast called JIMERICANA. Fear not though, as we still have plenty of ace punk, indie pop and post punk to blow your minds!

The playlist and some notes:

Muncie Girls-Balloon (From the forthcoming Specialist Subject Records album ‘From Caplan To Belsize’ 2016)

Muncie Girls Bandcamp.
The Freeze-Misguided Memories (From the Modern Method Records album ‘Rabid Reaction’ 2015)

Saint Max And The Fanatics-Afraid Of Love (From the Armellodie Records album ‘Saint Max Is Missing And The Fanatics Are Dead’ 2013)

Tacocat-Talk (From the forthcoming Hardly Arts Records ‘Lost Time’ album 2016)

Tacocat Bandcamp.

Chelsea Wolfe-Appalachia (From the Sargent House Records album ‘Unknown Rooms: A Collection Of Acoustic Songs’ 2012)

Chelsea Wolfe Bandcamp.

The Boys-First Time (NEMS Records 7’’ 1977)

Hooligan Crooners-Frankly (Matt Dangerfield mix) (From the PWVA Records EP ‘Hell Yeah! 2015)   

Hooligan Crooners Bandcamp.

G.L.O.S.S-G.L.O.S.S (We’re From The Future) (From the Nervous Nelly Records EP ‘Girls Living Outside Of Society’s Shit 2015)

G.L.O.S.S Bandcamp.

Rixe-Larmes De Crocodile (From the La Vide Es Un Mus Records EP ‘Coupes Et Blessures’ 2015)

Sunflower Bean-Easier Said (From the Fat Possum Records album ‘Human Ceremony’ 2015)

Sunflower Bean Bandcamp.

Shit Present-Melbourne (From the self titled Specialist Subject Records EP 2015)

Shit Present Bandcamp.

Spiro-The Vapourer (From the Real World Records album ‘Welcome Joy And Welcome Sorrow’ 2015)

Little Green Cars-The Song They Play Every Night (Glassnote Records digital single 2015)

Little Green Cars Bandcamp.

The Ruts-Dope For Guns (From the Virgin Records album ‘The Crack’ 1979)

Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs-Cinnamon Girl (From the Shout Factory Records album ‘Under The Covers Vol 1’ 2006)

Dag Nasty-Never Go back (From the Dischord Records album ‘Can I Say?’ 1986)

Gentleman Jimmy Tees vinyl meltdown track…

The Playn Jayn-You Wern't Born, You Were Created (From the A&M Records album 'Friday The 13th-Live At The Marquee' 1984) 

Download the show as an mp3 here. 

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Generating Steam Heat radio show 16.02.16

This week we concluded our look at webzine Said the Gramophone 'Punk Scrapbook 2015' by playing a whole host of bands covered in their look at some of the best punk tunes of 2015. We also add our own selections to the mix covering not only punk but indie pop, psych folk and post punk...

The playlist and some notes:

Vexx-Sleeping In The Attic (From the Katorga Works Records 7’’ EP ‘Give And Take’ 2015)

Vexx Bandcamp.

The Muffin Heads-I Love You All The Time (Self released digital single 2015)

On November 13th the US band Eagles Of Death Metal were playing at the Bataclan in Paris when terrorists attacked the venue. After the attack the band asked other bands to record versions of this song and they would donate all of the publishing income from the song to aiding victims of the attack.

Harlow band The Muffin Heads recorded their version for a UK organisation the Paix Project who are aiming to press a vinyl LP of the various versions with profits being donated to the 
Sweet Stuff Foundation who are handling the royalties to donate to the victims of the attack.

Buy the Muffin Heads track on itunes.

Royal Headache-Another World (From the What’s Your Rupture Records album ‘High’ 2015)

Royal Headache Bandcamp.

Tacocat-I Hate The Weekend (Hardly Arts Records digital single 2016)

Tacocat Bandcamp.

S-Band-Crimson Wave (Digital track 2015)

S-Band Soundcloud.

Tenement-Feral Cat Tribe (From the Don Giovani Records album ‘Predatory Highlights’ 2015)

Tenement Bandcamp.

Urban Savage-Nothings Ever Given (From the self titled Savage Records EP 2015)

Urban Savage Bandcamp.

TV Freaks-Thirteen (From the Deranged Records album ‘Bad Luck Charms’ 2015)

TV Freaks Bandcamp.

Vacation-I Wish I could Be Someone Else (From the Don Giovanni Records album ‘Non Person’ 2015)

Vacation Bandcamp.

Those Unfortunates-Arthur Lowe (From the Midnight Bell Records Those Unfortunates/Walk Upright split 7’’ 2015)

Those Unfortunates Bandcamp.

Flowers-Pull My Arm (From the Fortuna Pop Records album ‘Dying To Meet You’ 2016)

Flowers Bandcamp.

The Love Me Nots-Cry (From the Atomic A Go Go Records album ‘In Black And White’ 2006)

The Love Me Nots Bandcamp.

Cassie Ramone-The Time Has Come (From the Loglady Records album ‘The Time Has Come’ 2015)

Heron Oblivion-Your Hollows (From the forthcoming Sub Pop Records album 2016)

Heron Oblivion Bandcamp.

Ludovico Einaudi-Solo (From the Decca Records album ‘Nightbook’ 2009)

Above Them-We’re All Going Down (From the Specialist Subject Records album ‘Water Lane’ 2015)

Above Them Bandcamp.

Gentleman Jimmy Tees vinyl meltdown track…

The Dead Boys-Sonic Reducer (From the Sire Records album 'Young, Loud And Snotty' 1977) 

Download the show as an mp3 here. 

Friday, February 12, 2016

Generating Steam Heat radio show 09.02.16

Batton down the hatches for another hour of top punk, indie pop, post punk and more. On show 44 we played some great new music and dug out some old classics as we talked about the 25th anniversary of one of the UKs best live music venues, Exeters Cavern Club.


The playlist and some notes:

Fresh-Get Bent (From the self released digital EP ‘Gewingchum’ 2015)

Fresh Bandcamp

B-52’s-Private Idaho (From the Island Records album ‘Wild Planet’ 1980)

Heathers-Knee Jerk (From the self titled Saturn Returns Records digital EP/cassette 2014)

Heathers Bandcamp.

Duffys Cut-Ain’t Gonna Get It For Free (From the Oi! The Boat Records EP ‘Doomsday’ 2014)

Duffys Cut Bandcamp.

Oblivians-Hey Mama, Look At Sis (From the Crypt Records album ‘Popular Favourites’ 1996)

The Gun Club-Bad America (From the Chrysalis/Animal Records album ‘The Las Vegas Story’ 1984)

The Friggs-Scorpio Rising (From the E-Vil Records album ‘Rock Candy’ 1997)

Shandy-Dance (from the Longshot/Contra Records album ‘Tough Pucker’ 2015)

Shandy Bandcamp.

The Forget Me Nots-Soap Singers Beat (From the Sony Soho Square Records album ‘Hullabaloo’ 1992)

The 25th anniversary Exeters Cavern Club is coming up on 14/02/16. We talked about the line up of this weeks anniversary gig/party and later in the show talked about the very first show at the club headlined by Quicksand from NYC.  

Government Issue-Caring Line (From the Giant Records album ‘You’ 1987)

Shit Present-Anxious Type (From the selt titled Specialist Subject Records EP 2015)

Shit Present Bandcamp.

No Pantz-No Pantz (From the self titled, self released digital EP 2015)

No Pantz Bandcamp.

Cult Maniax-Lucy Looe (Elephant Rock Records 7’’ 1982)

We talked about the Cult Maniax popularity in South West England during the early to mid eighties. An entertaining history of the band is here.  

Cult Maniax Bandcamp.

Downtown Boys-100% Inheritance Tax (From the Don Giovanni Records album ‘Full Communism’ 2015)

Downtown Boys Bandcamp.

Quicksand-Omission (From the self titled Revelation Records EP 1990)

Gentleman Jimmy Tees vinyl meltdown track…

The Damned-So Messed Up (From The Stiff Records album ‘Damned, Damned, Damned’ 1977) 

Download the show as an mp3 here.

Thursday, February 04, 2016

Generating Steam Heat radio show 02.02.16

A varied mix of new music and old classics with punk attitude for your listening pleasure on Generating Steam Heat show 43...

The playlist and some notes:

Crown Court-3 Stretch (From the Rebellion Records EP ‘Ruck and Roll’ 2015)

Crown Court Bandcamp.

X-Johnny Hit and Run Paulene (From the Slash/Ruby Records album ‘Los Angeles’ 1980)

Needles/Pins-Bored (From the Dirtnap Records Needles/Pins & Low Culture split 7’’ 2014)

Needles/Pins Bandcamp.

Wasted Youth-I Wish I Was A Girl (From the Bridge House Records album ‘Wild and Wandering’ 1981)

Pavilion-In Your Hand (Demo track 2015)

Pavilion Bandcamp.

Chastity Belt-Seattle Party (From the Help Yourself Records album ‘No Regrets’ 2013)

We talked about the shock of finding the Chastity Belt album in our local record shop Drift Records and the festival Drift are organising called Sea Change.

Chastity Belt Bandcamp.

Partner-The “Ellen” Page (You’ve Changed Records Digital Single 2015)

Partner Bandcamp.

Sisteray-No Escape (Self released digital single 2015)

Sisteray Bandcamp.

Biffers-Bubblegum (From the Kung Foo Records album ‘Whoa!’ 2014)

Biffers Bandcamp.

Muncie Girls-Gas Mark 4 (Specialist Subject Records digital single 2015)

This track is also included on the forthcoming Muncie Girls album. Pre order is here.

Muncie Girls Bandcamp.

The Staves-Steady (From the Atlantic Records album ‘If I Was’ 2015) 

Flowers-Bitter Pill (Fortuna! Pop Records digital single 2016)

Flowers Bandcamp.

The Ronettes-Baby I Love You (Philles Records 7’’ 1963)

Generation X-One Hundred Punks (From the Chrysalis Records album ‘Generation X’ 1978) 

Gentleman Jimmy Tees vinyl meltdown track…

The Damned-Neat, Neat, Neat (Stiff Records 7’’ 1977) 

Download the show as an mp3 here.