Thursday, April 30, 2015

Generating Steam Heat radio show 28.04.15

Show number 5 and after last weeks new wave special we’re back to mixing up some great new and old tunes. Next week we will be fighting the system with our UK general election theme show!

(Thanks to Indie Pop Saved My Life and John at Unsane Asylum Records in the US for pointing us in the direction of some great tracks on this weeks show.)

The playlist and some notes:

Social Distortion-Moral Threat (From the Time Bomb Records album ‘Mainliner-Wreckage from the Past’ 1995) 

Steeling Sheep-Not Real (From the Heavenly Records album ‘Not Real’ 2015)

Eternal Summers-Gold and Stone (From the forthcoming Kanine Records album ‘Gold and Stone’ 2015)

Title Fight-Your Pain is Mine Now (From the Anti Records album ‘Hyperview’ 2015)

The Ruts-Staring at the Rude Boys (Virgin Records 7’’ 1980)

We talked about a Malcolm Owen documentary made soon after he died. Here it is...

The Saints-The Story of Love (From the Harvest Records album ‘I’m Stranded’ 1977)

Brat Farrer-Wouldn’t Give you Up (From the Off The Hip Records album ‘Brat Farrer II’ 2014)

Brat Farrer Bandcamp. 

God-My Pal (Au Go Go Records 7’’ 1987)

The Victory Lap Kids-California Malfoy (From the Unsane Asylum Records EP ‘Cutting Teeth’ 2014)

Laura Marling-Strange (From the Virgin Records album ‘Short Movie’ 2015)

Wovenhand-Salome (From the Deathwish Inc Records ‘Refactory Obdurate’ album 2014)

Echo And The Bunnymen-The Killing Moon (Korova Records 7’’ 1984)

James Williamson-Sick of You (From the album Leopard Lady Records album ‘Re-Licked’ 2014)

Iggy Pop-Neighbourhood Threat (From the RCA Records album ‘Lust For Life’ 1977)

The Fireworks-Tightrope (From the Shelflife Records album ‘Switch Me On’ 2015)

Dead Kennedys-Police Truck (B side of the Cherry Red Records 7’’ ‘Holiday in Cambodia’ 1980)

Gentleman Jimmy Tees surprise after show additional vinyl meltdown track…

The Stranglers-Goodbye Tolouse (From the United Artists Records LP ‘Rattus Norvegicus’ 1977)

Download the show as an MP3 here.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Generating Steam Heat radio show 21.04.15-New Wave Special.

This weeks show was Gentleman Jimmy Tees new wave special concentrating on tunes from the mid to late 70’s and early 80’s. Back to the normal mix of new and old next week.

The playlist and some notes:

The Plimsouls-A Million Miles Away (From the Geffen Records album ‘Everywhere at Once’ 1983)

The Go Go’s-We Got the Beat (Stiff Records 7’’ 1980)

The Nerves-Hanging on the Telephone (From the self titled 7’’ EP, The Nerves Records 7’’ 1976)

Blondie-Sunday Girl (Version Francaise) (Chrysalis Records 7’’ 1979)

Elton Motello-Jet Boy, Jet Girl (Lightning Records 7’’ 1977) 

The original version of Plastic Bertrands ‘Ca Plane Por Moi’? The story of Elton Motello aka AlanWard.

The Jags-Back of my Hand (Island Records 7’’ 1979)

The Records-Starry Eyes (Virgin Records 7’’ 1978)

The Cars-Just What I Needed (Elektra Records 7’’ 1978)

Talking Heads-Mind (From the Sire Records album ‘Fear of Music’ 1979)

XTC-Life Begins at the Hop (Virgin Records 7’’ 1979)

Clive Pig and the Hopeful Chinamen-Happy Birthday Sweet 16 (Waldo’s Records 7’’ 1979)

The Jam-Away From the Numbers (From the Polydor Records album ‘In the City’ 1977)

The Clash-Lost in the Supermarket (From the CBS Records album ‘London Calling’ 1979)

Tubeway Army-Are Friends Electric? (Beggars Banquet Records 7’’ 1979)

Gentleman Jimmy Tee mentioned that this was used on a TV advert at the time-he was wrong. It was a different Tubeway Army song that was used for this Lee Cooper jeans TV ad…

Shrink-Valid or Void (A&M Records 7’’ 1979)

The unique Shrink in action...

Starjets-War Stories (Epic Records 7’’ 1979)

Gentleman Jimmy Tees surprise after show additional vinyl meltdown track…

Motorhead/Girlschool-Bomber-Gentleman Jimmy Tees accidental 33rpm stoner rock version (From the Bronze Records 10’’ EP ‘St Valentines Day Massacre’ 1981)

Download the show as a MP3 here.