Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Generating Steam Heat radio show 15.03.16

After last week's psych extravaganza, we landed safely back on planet earth for show 51 where we played brand new singles from Wire, Ming City Rockers, Discharge and Whoanows alongside a whole host of great tunes...

The playlist and some notes: 

Goat-Hide From The Sun (From the Rocket Recordings album ‘Commune’ 2014)

Nasty Bits-What Love Is (From the Atlantic Records digital EP ‘Vinyl-Music From The HBO Original Series Volume 1.3 2016)

Television-Venus (From the Elektra Records album ‘Marquee Moon’ 1977)

Chorus Girl-Oh, To Be A Defector (from the self titled Foruna Pop! Records album 2015)

Wire-Nocturnal Koreans (Wire HQ Records digital single 2016)

Mankind-Manually Wild (from the self released EP ‘New Bag’ 2012)

Ming City Rockers-Sell Me A Lemon (Mad Monkey Records Digital single 2016)

Woahnows-Person Up (Specialist Subject Records 7’’ 2016)

Joyce Manor-Catalina Fight Song (From the Epitaph Records album album ‘Never Hungover Again’ 2014) 

The Last Crusade-Nowhere To Go (From the self titled Rebellion Records album 2015)

Discharge-New World Order (Nuclear Blast Records 7” 2016)

Brian Eno & David Byrne-Regiment (From the Sire Records album ‘My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts’ 1983)

The Wild Reeds-Of All The Dreams (From the self released album ‘Blind And Brave’ 2014)

The Wild Reeds Bandcamp.

Medication-Paranoid (From the P+P Media Records album ‘Warm Places’ 2016)

Medication Soundcloud.

Vexx-Flattened Scenes (From the Katorga Works Records EP ‘Give And Take’ 2015)

Vexx Bandcamp.

Gentleman Jimmy Tees vinyl meltdown track…

The Cars-Candy-O (From the Elektra Records album 'Candy-O' 1979) 

Download the show as an mp3 here. 


Thursday, March 24, 2016

Generating Steam Heat radio show 22.03.16 (Psych Lovers/Vinyl Club Facebook group special)

This week we handed over the shows playlist to Groovy Al Wyatt, the head honcho of popular Facebook group Vinyl Club and crate digger supreme of the Psych Lovers Facebook group. Al put together a show full of great new psych bands with a handful of earlier influences, joining Ed X in the studio to talk through his choice of tracks.

The playlist and some notes:

Shooting Guns-Harmonic Steppenwolf (From the album Teargas Recording Tree Records album ‘Born To Deal In Magic: 1952-1976’ 2011)

Killwest-Highway Mind (From the self titled Drone Rock Records EP 2015)

The Jesus And Mary Chain-Never Understand (Blanco Y Negro 7’’ 1985) 
The Band Who’s Name Is A Symbol-Baalslapper (From the Cardinal Fuzz Records album ‘Masters Of The Molehill’ 2015)

We talked about John Westhaver from The Band Who’s Name Is A Symbol and his multi tasking as a musician, DJ and record store owner.

White Hills-LSD or USB (From the Thrill Jockey Records album ‘Walks For Motorists’ 2015)

Groovy Al Wyatt at the GSH controls...
Goat-Goatman (From the Rocket Recordings Records album ‘World Music’ 2012)

The Janitors-Black Wheel (From the Bad Afro Records EP ‘Evil Doings Of An Evil Kind’ 2014)

Moon Duo-Mazes (From the Sacred Bones Records album ‘Live In Ravenna’ 2014)

Loop-Collision (Chapter 22 Records 12’’ 1988)     
Spacemen 3-Loosing Touch With My Mind (From the Glass Records album ‘Sound Of Confusion’ 1986)  
Cathode Ray Eyes-I Woke Up This Morning (From the album Cardinal Fuzz/Captcha Records album ‘Eyes In The Melancholy Palm’ 2015)     

Download the show as an mp3 here.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Generating Steam Heat radio show 15.03.16

Show 49 and we are back with the volume cranked right up for an hour of fully amped punk attitude...

The playlist and some notes:

45 Adapters-Vinyl Fetishists (From the Contra/Longshot Records MLP ‘Patriots Not Fools’ 2014)

45 Adapters Bandcamp.

Above Them-Sink Or Gin (From the Specialist Subject Records album ‘Water Lane’ 2015)

Above Them Bandcamp.

The Duke Spirit-Hands (Ex Voto Records digital single 2016)

Union Starr-Landing Lights (From the Woodenhouse Records digital album ‘Falling Apart Together’ 2011)

Union Starr Woodenhouse Records.

The Boys-Brickfield Nights (Nems Records 7’’ 1978)

Chris And The Zipcodes-My Baby Is A Zipcode (From the self released digital EP ‘Radio Zipcode’ 2016)

Chris And The Zipcodes Bandcamp.

Radioactivity-I Know (From the Dirtnap Records album ‘Silent Kill’ 2015)

Blitzkrieg Bop-(You’re Like A) UFO (Lightning Records 7’’ 1978)

Blondie-Kung Foo Girls (From the Chrysalis Records album ‘Blondie’ 1977)

Fresh-House Phone (From the self released digital EP ‘These Things Are Not That Fun’ 2015)

Fresh Bandcamp.

Woahnows-Mess (Specialist Subject Records 7’’ 2016)

Woahnows Bandcamp.

Moustache Prawn-Solar (Piccola Bottega Records digital single 2014) 

Moustache Prawn Soundcloud.

Elephant-Blood (From the MLP 'Innocent Innocence' unknown Japanese label/year)

Elephant You Tube.

The Stooges-Down On The Street (From the Elektra Records album ‘Funhouse’ 1970)

Digital Octopus-Voice Of A Generation (From the self released, untitled EP 2015) 

The Contemporary Noise Sextet-Bitches Tune (From the Denovali Records album ‘Theatre Play Music’ 2011)

Harker-23 (From the Paper + Plastic/No Panic! Records EP ‘A Lifetime Apart’ 2015)

Harker Bandcamp.

Gentleman Jimmy Tees vinyl meltdown track…

Heron Oblivion-Sudden Lament (From the Sub Pop Records album ‘Heron Oblivion’ 2016)

Download the show as an mp3 here.

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Generating Steam Heat radio show 08.03.16

This week Gentleman Jimmy Tee flew solo with JIMERICANA, another top drawer show, featuring dark, acoustic, melencholic songs from around the globe. Pour yourself a tall gin and tonic, sit back and enjoy the ride...

The playlist and some notes:
Mull Historical Society-Treescavengers (From the B-Unique Records album ‘This is Hope’ 2004)

The Middle East-The Darkest Side (From the Chess Club Records album ‘The Recordings Of The Middle East’ 2004)

Low-Lies (From the Sub Pop Records album ‘Ones And Sixes’ 2015)

Bon Iver-Holocene (4AD records 12’’ 2011)

Kishi Bashi-In Fantasia (From the Joyful Noise Records album ‘Lighght’ 2014)

Little Green Cars-Kitchen Floor (From the Glassnote Entertainment Records album ‘Absolute Zero’ 2014)

Low-What Part Of Me (From the Sub Pop Records album ‘Ones And Sixes’ 2015)

Lavender Diamond-Everybodys Hearts Breaking Now (From the album ‘Incorruptible Heart’ 2012)

Sufjan Stevens-Should Have Known Better (From the Paracadute Rcords album ‘Carry And Lull’ 2015)

Vic Chesnutt-Sad Peter Pan (From the Texas Hotel Records album ‘Is The Actor Happy?’ 1995)

Avi Buffalo-Jessica (From the self titled Sub Pop Records album 2010)

Elm-Amends (Self released digital single 2015)

Elm Soundcloud.

Mull Historical Society-My Friend The Addict (From the B-Unique Records album ‘This is Hope’ 2004)

Download the show as an mp3 here.

Thursday, March 03, 2016

Generating Steam Heat radio show 01.03.16

If you want to hear some classic new music then this is a good week to listen to the show as we have an hour of guaranteed top tunes to see you right, including a handful of tracks from new releases not due until later in the year.

The playlist and some notes:

Radioactivity-Pretty Girl (From the Dirtnap Records album ‘Silent Kill’ 2015)

Urban Savage-Cop Riot (From the Savage Records EP ‘Urban Savage’ 2015)

Urban Savage Bandcamp.

Lush-Out Of Control (From the forthcoming Edamame Records EP ‘Blindspot’ 2016)

Fresh-Passing (From the self released digital EP ‘These Things Are Not That Fun’ 2015)

Fresh Bandcamp.

Slutever-White Flag (Quite Year Records flexi 7’’ 2014)

Slutever Bandcamp.

Deadcuts-Kill Desire (From the Speedowax Records album ‘Dark Is The Night’ 2014)

Selfish Son-Blood In My Mouth (From the self titled, self released digital EP 2015)

Selfish Son Bandcamp.

B-52s-Roam (Reprise Records 7’’ 1989)

Muncie Girls-Respect (From the forthcoming Specialist Subject Records album ‘From Caplan To Belsize’ 2016)

Muncie Girls Bandcamp.

Suede Razors-Longshot Kid (Pirates Press Records 7’’ 2014)

Sharon Van Etten-I Don’t Want To Let You Down (Jagjaguwar 7’’ 2015)

Carter Tanton & Sharon Van Etten-Twenty Nine Palms (Western Vinyl Records digital single 2016)

The Fairweather Band-Bleak (From the self titled Specialist Subject Records EP 2015)

The Fairweather Band Bandcamp.

Iggy Pop-Break Into Your Heart (Loma Vista Records digital single 2016)

David Bowie-Lets Spend The Night Together (From the RCA Records album ‘Aladdin Sane’) 

Violent Reaction-Marching On (From the Revelation Records album ‘Marching On’ 2015) 

Download the show as an mp3 here.