Thursday, April 28, 2016

Generating Steam Heat radio show 26.04.16

It all kicked off on this weeks #gsh55. We had new tracks from forthcoming albums by Martha and Austeros, a whole bunch of songs that just missed last weeks Punk Wars Veterans Association Facebook group top 20, some classic US hardcore requests and new music from a whole host of great bands-phew!

We are now on a break while Soundart Radio moves studios but the show will be back live on air on Tuesday May 17th. Until then...

The playlist and some notes:

Hard Left-Economy (From the untitled Future Perfect Records EP 2016)

Hard Left Bandcamp.

United Bottles-Big Left Hook (Digital track 2015)

United Bottles Soundcloud.

Austeros-Superpowers (From the forthcoming Specialist Subject Records album ‘Painted Blue’ 2016)

Austeros Bandcamp.

Martha-Goldmans Detective Agency (From the forthcoming Fortuna! Pop Records album

'Blisters In The Pit Of My Heart’ 2016)

Martha Bandcamp.

The Stranglers-No More Heroes (United Artists Records 7’’ 1977)

7 Seconds-Walk Together, Rock Together (From the BYO Records album ‘Walk Together, Rock Together’ 1985)

Government Issue-Where You Live (From the Giant Records album ‘You’ 1987)

The Adverts-One Chord Wonders (Stiff Records 7’’ 1977)

Ramones-Commando (From the Sire Records album ‘Leave Home’ 1977)

Sex Pistols-Holidays In The Sun (Virgin Records 7’’ 1977)

Livebearers-Willow (From the self released, self titled digital album 2015)

Liverbearers Bandcamp.

Cosmic Psychos-Bitter, Not Better (From the Desperate Records album ‘Cum The Raw Prawn’ 2015)

Exploding White Mice-Without Warning (B side of the Greasy Record Co 7’’ Fear (Late All Night) 1988)

The Varukers-No Masters No Slaves (From the We Bite Records album ‘Still Bollox But Still Here’ 1995)

Subway Sect-Ambition (Rough Trade Records 7’’ 1978)

Heathers-Gefhen (From the self released digital EP ‘Strange Allies’ 2016)

Heathers Bandcamp.

Cockney Rejects-Goodbye Upton Park (Cadiz Music digital single 2016)

The Ruts-In A Rut (People Unite Records 7’’ 1978)

Download the show as an mp3 here.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Generating Steam Heat radio show 19.04.16 (Punk Wars Veterans Association top 20 special)

For this weeks show we handed over the playlist to the members of the Punk Wars Veterans Association Facebook group.

The group has over 4000 members worldwide and over the past month the PWVA members have chosen a punk rock top 20 via a complicated voting/payola system. The cash/results came in and the 20 tracks with the most votes made up this weeks extended show #54.

Over 200 individual songs received votes and of those, the unlucky few that just missed the top 20 this week will be included on next weeks show alongside some great new music that we have lined up. 

For now though, enjoy the Punk Wars Veterans Association top 20…

The playlist and some notes: 

The Kids-Fascist Cops (From the self titled Phillips Records album 1978)

The Damned-New Rose (Stiff Records 7’’ 1976)

We talked about ‘New Rose’ being the first UK punk single but asked if any non UK punk bands singles pre dated this. PWVA admin Barry Phillips contacted us with the news that The Saints ‘I’m Stranded’ beat the Damned into the shops by a few month. Hear The Saints classic later in the show…

The Briefs-Poor And Weird (Cut And Run Records 7’’ 1999)

Backyard Babies-Star War (From the RCA Records album ‘Making Enemies Is Good’ 2001)

Church Of Confidence-Whatever Happened To West Berlin? (From the I Used To Fuck People Like You In Prison Records album ‘Teaching Children The Blues’ 2001)

Sex Pistols-Pretty Vacant (Virgin Records 7’’ 1977)

Stiff Little Fingers-Suspect Device (Rigid Digits Records 7’’ 1978)

The Wedding Present-Kennedy (RCA Records 7’’ 1989)

The Boys-First Time (NEMS Records 7’’ 1977)

The Dictators-Stay With Me (From the Asylum Records album ‘Blood Brothers’ 1978)

The Clash-White Man In Hammersmith Palais (CBS Records 7’’ 1978)

The Apers-Whatever It Takes  (From the Asian Man Records album ‘You Are Only As Strong As The table You Stand On’ 2009)

D.I-Falling Out (From the Reject Records album ‘Ancient Artifacts’ 1985)

Metal Urbain-Pas Poubelle (B side of the Radar Records 7’’ ‘Hysterie Connective’ 1979)

Guerilla Poubelle-Prevert, Kosma, Paris (From the Guerilla Asso Records album ‘Amor Fati’ 2013)

Gluecifer-Plastic Hand (From the Drunken Maria Records complilation EP ‘Ritual Of The Savage’ 2003)

The Saints-(I’m) Stranded (Fatal Records 7’’ 1976)

Choking Susan-The Return Of Lemon And The Tramps (From the self released album ‘Desperately Choking Susan’ 2010)

Jawbreaker-Jinx Removing (From the Tupelo Records album ’24 Hour Revenge Therapy’ 1994)

Drum roll please! The PWVA number one is...

The Stooges-Down On The Street (From the Elektra Records album ‘Funhouse’ 1970)

Download the show as an mp3 here.