Saturday, April 02, 2016

Our Imaginary Record Label!

This Tuesdays show marks the shows first birthday, so to celebrate the occasion we bring you the official launch of our imaginary record label...

Oblivious to the fact that they’re signed and doing very well thanks, Gentleman Jimmy Tee casually remarked after playing Girlpool in show #3 that we should put out a record by them and since then the ‘we should put a record out by such and such band’ has become a regular talking point on the show.

For this weeks show #52 our imaginary A&R department has got the go ahead from our imaginary CEO to sign 15 bands to our imaginary record label that we’ve played over the past year who currently either make their music available online via Bandcamp, Soundcloud etc. release their own records or have one off releases on indie labels. 

Everything we play is available on imaginary coloured vinyl with great imaginary artwork and imaginary lyrics sheets. The intention of the show though is real-to highlight some of the amazing  new music that we’ve played over the past year.

Catch the show this coming Tuesday at 22.00 GMT on SoundartRadio or later in the week on our Mixcloud or here on our blog.


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