Friday, April 08, 2016

Generating Steam Heat radio show 05.04.16

Our 1st birthday show featured fifteen bands 'signed' to our imaginary record label!

The playlist and some notes:

Honey Joy-Our Best (From the self released cassette/digital EP ‘Feel Bad’ 2015)

Honey Joy Bandcamp

Bill Mountain-Lets Get It Started (Self released digital single 2015)

Bill Mountain Bandcamp

Heathers-Knee Jerk (From the self titled Saturn Returns Records digital EP/cassette 2014)

Heathers Bandcamp.

Kates Party-Cougar (From the self released album ‘Hollow’ 2014)

Kates Party Bandcamp.

Cat Bear Tree-Adult (From the self released EP ‘Settled In Our Hearts’ 2015)

Cat Bear Tree Bandcamp

Selfish Son-Blood In My Mouth (From the self titled, self released digital EP 2015)

Selfish Son Bandcamp

Fierce Mild-Tracys Girls (From the Little Gem Records digital EP ‘Yes n Yes n Yes’ 2015)

Fierce Mild Bandcamp.

Wildwood Kin-The Valley (live) (From the Proper Music Records album ‘BBC Radio Two Folk Awards 2015’)

Wildwood Kin Soundcloud

Beam-How Can I Not Be In Love With You? (From the Taiyo Records album ‘Maruetsu Is For Lovers’ 2015)

Beam Bandcamp.

Fresh-House Phone (From the self released digital EP ‘These Things Are Not That Fun’ 2015)

Fresh Bandcamp

Feral Five-Angel Road (Radio edit) (Digital single 2014-unknown label)

Feral Five Bandcamp.

Lilywooooooo-Mubyuu (Soundcloud track 2015)

We talked about the video for this song...

Lilywooooooo Bandcamp

Chris And The Zipcodes-Radio Zipcode (From the self released digital EP ‘Radio Zipcode’ 2016)

Chris And The Zipcodes Bandcamp.

Abigail And Bliss-The Good Old Days (Demo track 2015)

Abigail And Bliss Bandcamp

Ceremonials-Drop Dead (From the self released digital EP ‘Arabia’ 2015)

Ceremonials Bandcamp.

Gentleman Jimmy Tees vinyl meltdown track…

Colour Me Wednesday-Shut (Kingfisher Blues 7’’ 2014)

Colour me Wednesday Bandcamp.

Download the show as an mp3 here.

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