Friday, April 28, 2017

Generating Steam Heat radio show 25.04.17 (Bootboy, Glam, Bovver Rock Special)

On this weeks show we handed over the playlist duties to the admins of the Bootboy Glam & Bovver Rock Facebook page for our third bootboy rock 'n' roll special.

The Bootboy Glam & Bovver Rock crew are the international cream of the crop of bootboy rock 'n' roll experts consisting of some of the people behind notable bovver rock aficionados Shandy, 45 Adapters, Hard Wax, Arch Rivals and Just Add Water Records as well as DJs and writers including Going In Style Sound System, Freddy Alva and Legio SPQR - BovveReggae Brigade.

These guys really know a boss tune when they hear one and have chosen a great selection of cuts covering all bases of the bootboy spectrum to put together a top show!

If you want to check out our other bootboy rock 'n' roll specials listen to them here and here...

The playlist and some notes:

Duffy’s Cut-Killers On The Dancefloor (From the Oi! TheBoat Records album ‘Killers On The Dancefloor’ 2017)

Duffys Cut Bandcamp.

Antoine-Hot Love (Disques Vogue 7’’ 1971)

Shandy-Dance All Night (Bootboys Cove Records 7’’ 2014)

Shandy Bandcamp.

Dalton-Niente Paura (From the Hellnation Records album ‘Come Stai?’ 2014)

Stanley-Still Alive (Digital track 2016)

Elton John-Saturday Nights Alright for Fighting (DJM Records 7’’ 1973)

The Mark Four-I’m Leaving (B side f the Decca Records 7’’ ‘Hurt Me If You Will’ 1965) 

The Equals-Diversion (President Records 7’’ 1973)

The Bovver Boys-A.G.G.R.O (Torpedo Records 7’’ 1970)

Sangre Dorada-La Del Futbol (From the ? Records album ‘Primera Ronda’ 2016)

Thin Lizzy-For those who love to live (From the Vertigo Records album ‘Fighting’ 1975)

Jook-Alright With Me (RCA Records 7’’ 1972)

Febril-Nunca Sera Apenas Um Jogo (Digital single 2016)

Febril Bandcamp.

Giuda-Get It Over (White Zoo Records 7’’ 2010)

Giuda Bandcamp.

Faz Waltz-Rock ’n’ Roll Boy (From the Contra/Longshot Records album ‘Callin’ Loud’ 2016)

Faz Waltz Bandcamp.

Slade-Far Far Away (Polydor Records 7’’ 1974)

Renegade-Revenge (From the Link Records compilation album ‘Oi! The Resurrection’ 1986)

The Samples-Burning Down The World (From the Captain Oi! Records album Crux/The Samples-The Oi! Collection’ 1997)

Christ Child-Street Babies (From the self titled Buddha Records album 1977)

Dr Feelgood-She Does It Rights (United Artists Records 7’’ 1975)

Suede Razors-(I’m A) Bovver Boy (Pirates Press/Randale Records 7’’ 2014)

Download the show as an MP3 here.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Generating Steam Heat radio show 18.04.17 (Punk Wars Veterans Association 'Punk Gone Wrong' Special)

On this weeks #GSHradio we handed over the show to the Punk Wars Veterans Association for our ‘Punk Gone Wrong’ special featuring a whole host of punks who either changed style from straight up punk rock or hardcore or moved on to bands playing something completely different from punk rock in their new projects…and it’s all good!!!!  

The playlist and some notes:

Rudi-Yummy, Yummy, Yummy (Last Years Youth Records 7’’ 2002)

Beastie Boys-Sabotage (From the Grand Royal Records album ‘Ill Communications’ 1994)

Blitz-Solar (Extended Mix) (Future Records 12’’ 1983)

Iggy Pop-Funtime (From the RCA Records album ‘The Idiot’ 1977)

The Fast-Boys Will Be Boys (CBS Records 7’’ 1976)

Man 2 Man meets Man Parrish-Male Stripper (Recca Records 12’’ 1986)

The Evens-Vowel Movement (Digital track 2003)

7 Seconds-Praise (From the Positive Force Records 12’’ EP ‘Praise’ 1987)

Rank And File-Sound Of The Rain (From the Slash Records album ‘Long Gone Dead’ 1984)

The Outcasts-Seven Deadly Sins (New Rose Records 12’’ 1984)

Dexys Midnight Runners-Dance Stance (Oddball Records 7’’ 1979)

Leyton Buzzards-No Dry Ice Or Flying Pigs (B side of the Chrysalis Records 7’’ ‘I’m Hanging Around’ 1979)

Simple Minds-Theme For Great Cities (From the Virgin Records album ‘Sister Feelings Call’ 1981)

Refused-Liberation Frequency (From the Burning Heart Records album ‘The Shape Of Punk To Come’ 1998)

The Saints-Swing For The Crime (From the Harvest Records album ‘Prehistoric Sounds’ 1978)

The Dark-The Masque (Fresh Records 7’’ 1982)

Download the show as an MP3 here.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Generating Steam Heat radio show 11.04.17 (100th Show Special)

Join us for our 100th show with guests Rob Hopkins, Jackek Zeiglar and Matt Henney from New Lion Brewery talking music, beer and getting into punch ups with a notorious bands vocalist!

The playlist and some notes:

Die Toten Hosen-Eisgekuhlter Bommerlunder (Totenkopf Records 7’’ 1983)

Three Generators feat Jack White-Mystery Man (Unknown label/release/year)

The Broken Toys-PoliceTruck (From the Scatter Records album ‘Del Lado Equivocado’ 2010)

John Zorn-Batman (From the Elektra Records album ‘Naked City’ 1990)

Alabaster-Horace Was A Resistor (From the Veronica Records album ‘Ancient Ruins, Modern Inventions’ 2003)

Arcade Fire-Cold Wind (Unreleased version, date unknown)

Inner Terrestrials-Free This Land (From the Nice One Records album ‘iT!’ 1997)

Bus Station Loonies-Everyday Bullshit (From the self released cassette album ‘Dodgy Cider Fix’ 1995)

Mr Bungle-Ars Moriendi (From the Warner Bros Records album ‘California’ 1999)

David Bowie-All The Young Dudes (From the Parlophone Records album ‘Platinum Collection’ 2005) 

The Fall-The Kicker Conspiracy (Rough Trade Records 7’’ 1983)

Molar-Courage Sandwich (From the cassette EP ‘Demo’ 2015)

Molar Bandcamp.

Skrewdriver-I Don’t Like You (From the Chiswick Records album ‘All Screwed Up’ 1977)

Pip Blom-I Think I’m In Love (Self released digital single 2017)

Pip Blom Bandcamp.

The Donkeys-Don’t Go (Rhesus Records 7’’ 1980)

Prince Buster And The All Stars-Hard Man Fi Dead (Prince Buster Records 7’’ 1963)

Digital Octopus-I Don’t Like You (From the unknown label 12’’ EP 2015)

Download the show as n MP3 here

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Generating Steam Heat radio show 04.04.17

On this weeks show number 99 we had new music from Dream Nails, Neurotic Fiction, Chastity Belt, The Wytches, Megaflora, Molar, PINS, Chillheimer and Jesus And Mary Chain. We also take a look at the Manchester Punk Festival with tracks from Martha, Throwing Stuff and Belvedere and dug out some lost classics from GBH, N.O.T.A, Scritti Politti and more…

The playlist and some notes:

GBH-Crush ‘Em (From the Go Kart Records album ‘Ha Ha’ 2002)

N.O.T.A-Moscow (From the Unclean Records EP ‘Moscow’ 1984)

The Wytches-C-Side (Heavenly Records 7’’ 2016)

Dream Nails-DIY (From the self released digital EP ‘DIY’ 2016)

Dream Nails Bandcamp.

Molar-Javier (From the flexi disc EP ‘Ring’ 2016)

Molar Bandcamp.

Neurotic Fiction-Mediator (Art Is Hard Records 7’’ 2016)

Neurotic Fiction Bandcamp.

Chastity Belt-Different Now (Hardly Art Records digital single 2017)

Chastity Belt Bandcamp.

Megaflora-Progress (From the Everything Sucks Records 12’’ EP ‘Megaflora’ 2016)

Megaflora Bandcamp.

The Cramps-Garbageman (I.R.S Records 7’’ 1980)

Hawk-Take It Away (From the Veta Records EP ‘She Knows’ 2017)

PINS-All Hail (From the Haus Of Pins Records EP ‘Bad Things’ 2017)

Throwing Stuff-I Know What’s Best (From the forthcoming TNS Records album ‘Fit Fine And Well’ 2017)

Throwing Stuff Bandcamp.

Belvedere-Revenge Of The Fifth (From the Bird Attack Records album ‘The Revenge Of The Fifth’ 2016)

Belvedere Bandcamp.

Martha-Ice Cream And Sun Screen (From the Fortuna Pop! Records album Blisters In The Pit Of My Heart’ 2016)

Martha Bandcamp.

Scritti Politti-Messthetics (From the Rough Trade Records EP ‘Work In Progress 2nd John Peel Session’ 1979)

Chillheimer-White Rabbit (Digital track 2017)

The Jesus And Mary Chain-Always Sad (From the Artificial Plastic Records album ‘Damage And Joy’ 2017)

Talking Heads-This Must Be The Place (From the Sire Records album 'Speaking In Tongues' 1983)

Download the show a an MP3 here.