Friday, April 28, 2017

Generating Steam Heat radio show 25.04.17 (Bootboy, Glam, Bovver Rock Special)

On this weeks show we handed over the playlist duties to the admins of the Bootboy Glam & Bovver Rock Facebook page for our third bootboy rock 'n' roll special.

The Bootboy Glam & Bovver Rock crew are the international cream of the crop of bootboy rock 'n' roll experts consisting of some of the people behind notable bovver rock aficionados Shandy, 45 Adapters, Hard Wax, Arch Rivals and Just Add Water Records as well as DJs and writers including Going In Style Sound System, Freddy Alva and Legio SPQR - BovveReggae Brigade.

These guys really know a boss tune when they hear one and have chosen a great selection of cuts covering all bases of the bootboy spectrum to put together a top show!

If you want to check out our other bootboy rock 'n' roll specials listen to them here and here...

The playlist and some notes:

Duffy’s Cut-Killers On The Dancefloor (From the Oi! TheBoat Records album ‘Killers On The Dancefloor’ 2017)

Duffys Cut Bandcamp.

Antoine-Hot Love (Disques Vogue 7’’ 1971)

Shandy-Dance All Night (Bootboys Cove Records 7’’ 2014)

Shandy Bandcamp.

Dalton-Niente Paura (From the Hellnation Records album ‘Come Stai?’ 2014)

Stanley-Still Alive (Digital track 2016)

Elton John-Saturday Nights Alright for Fighting (DJM Records 7’’ 1973)

The Mark Four-I’m Leaving (B side f the Decca Records 7’’ ‘Hurt Me If You Will’ 1965) 

The Equals-Diversion (President Records 7’’ 1973)

The Bovver Boys-A.G.G.R.O (Torpedo Records 7’’ 1970)

Sangre Dorada-La Del Futbol (From the ? Records album ‘Primera Ronda’ 2016)

Thin Lizzy-For those who love to live (From the Vertigo Records album ‘Fighting’ 1975)

Jook-Alright With Me (RCA Records 7’’ 1972)

Febril-Nunca Sera Apenas Um Jogo (Digital single 2016)

Febril Bandcamp.

Giuda-Get It Over (White Zoo Records 7’’ 2010)

Giuda Bandcamp.

Faz Waltz-Rock ’n’ Roll Boy (From the Contra/Longshot Records album ‘Callin’ Loud’ 2016)

Faz Waltz Bandcamp.

Slade-Far Far Away (Polydor Records 7’’ 1974)

Renegade-Revenge (From the Link Records compilation album ‘Oi! The Resurrection’ 1986)

The Samples-Burning Down The World (From the Captain Oi! Records album Crux/The Samples-The Oi! Collection’ 1997)

Christ Child-Street Babies (From the self titled Buddha Records album 1977)

Dr Feelgood-She Does It Rights (United Artists Records 7’’ 1975)

Suede Razors-(I’m A) Bovver Boy (Pirates Press/Randale Records 7’’ 2014)

Download the show as an MP3 here.

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