Thursday, April 09, 2015

Generating Steam Heat radio show 07.04.15

Our second show aka 'the dark power of The Stranglers circa The Raven album sending us bad psychic vibes and messing with our heads show...' Listen to find out why!

The playlist and some notes:

Zoundz-Can’t Cheat Karma (From the Crass Records 7’’ EP of the same name, 1980)

If anyone knows anything about Zoundz record shop (no relation to the band) in Totnes in the 70’s/80s, please let us know.

Blitz-Someone’s Gonna Die Tonight (From the No Future Records EP ‘All Out Attack’ 1981)

Booze and Glory-London Skinhead Crew (From the Contra/Longshot Records EP ‘On the Booze', 2012)

Some interesting and insightful articles on the original early 80’s oi! scene for your reading pleasure
are here, here and here. Oi! The history lesson!

Poet and the Roots-It Dread Inna Inglan (From the Frontline Records album ‘Dread, Beat an’ Blood’ 1978)

Against Me!-Talking Transgender Dysphoria Blues (From the Total Treble/Xtra MILE records album ‘Talking Transgender Dysphoria Blues’ 2014)

Laura Jane Grace, Against Me! interview pts 1 & 2: 

Thirteen Floor Elevators-You’re Gonna Miss Me (International Artists Records 7’’ 1966)

The Fire-My Fathers Name is Dad (Decca Records 7’’ 1968)

The Big Boys-We got Soul (From the Moment Records 12’’ EP ‘Fun, Fun, Fun’ 1982)

Au Pairs-Stepping Out of Line (From the Kamera Records album ‘Sense and Sensuality’ 1982)

The iconic album art for the bands first album ‘Playing With a Different Sex.’...

The Stranglers-The Raven R.A.D Edit (Original version From the United Artists Records album ‘The Raven’ 1979)

It turns out there’s more to Gentleman Jimmy Tee than being king of the Totnes skins. He did a great edit of ‘The Raven’ after we were hit by various tech issues. The full version is here:

Forgetters-I’m not Immune (From the Too Small To Fail Records album ‘Too Small To Fail’ 2012)

Warpaint-No Way Out (Rough Trade Records digital single 2015)

Jay Reatard-Death is Forming (From the In the Red Records album ‘Blood Visions’ 2006)

Dead Boys-What Love Is (From the Sire Records album ‘Young, Loud and Snotty’ 1977)

2.3-Where to Now? (B side of ‘All Time Low’ 7’’ Fast Product Records 1978)

Download the show as an MP3 here.

Thanks to Jon from The Cut Ups for letting us know the Veronica Falls/Totnes connection mentioned in last weeks show. Veronica Falls guitarist James Hoare comes from Totnes.

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