Friday, September 04, 2015

Generating Steam Heat radio show 01.09.15 (Gentleman Jimmy Tees punk/dance special)

Gentleman Jimmy Tee flew solo on show 23 with an eclectic fusion of industrial, post-punk, no wave, punk/funk, alternative, dance, rock, and world music...file under 'Dance Punk'.

The playlist and some notes: 

Pigbag-Papa's Got a Brand New Bag (Y Records 7’’ 1981)

The B52s-6060-842 (From the Island Records album ‘The B-52s’ 1979)

Josef K-Heart of Song (From the Postcard Records album ‘The Only Fun In Town’ 1981)

Bush Tetras-Das Ah Riot (From the ROIR Records album ‘Boom in the Night’ 1995)

James Chance-Roving Eye (From the Ariola Records album ‘Buy Contortions’ 1979)

Pylon-M.Train (From the GB Records album ‘Chomp’ 1983)

Tom Verlaine-Breaking My Heart (From the Elektra Records album ‘Tom Verlaine’ 1979)

Manicured Noise-Competition (From the Caroline True Records album ‘Northern Stories. 2006)

Liliput-Etoile (From the Kill Rockstars Records album ‘Live Recordings…’ 2010)

Blurt-Phone Monica (From the Toeblock Records album ‘Pagan Strings’ 1992)

23 Skidoo-Coup (Illuminated Records 12’’ 1983)

The Monochrome Set-The Monochrome Set (Rough Trade Records 7’’ 1979)

James White and the Blacks-Almost Black (From the ZE Records album ‘Off White’ 1979)

The Modern Lovers-Old World (From the Home Of The Hits Records album ‘The Modern Lovers’ 1976)

Liquid Liquid-Optimo (99 Records 7’’ 1983)

Bush Tetras-Too Many Creeps (99 Records 7’’ 1980)

Download the show as an MP3 here.


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