Thursday, August 03, 2017

Generating Steam Heat radio show 01.08.17

After five weeks of themed and guest shows we got back to doing what we do worst this weeks show with an hour of new and current releases, choice reissues and a look at the current wave of goth/anarcho influenced 'dark punk' bands.

The playlist and some notes:

Colour Me Wednesday-Queer For The Summer (Self released digital track 2017)

Colour Me Wednesday Bandcamp.

Duncan Reid And The Big Heads-Lets Skip To The Good Bit (From the Little Big Head Records album ‘Bombs Away’ 2017)

Duncan Reid And The Big Heads Bandcamp.

Cemetary-Reptile Walk (From the Mass Media Records album ‘Collection’ 2015)

Belgrado-Dalej (From the La Vida Es Un Mus Records album ‘Obraz’ 2016)

Belgrado Bandcamp.

Adam & The Ants-Table Talk (From the Do It! Records album ‘Dirk Wears White Sox’ 1979)

The Glam Skanks-Teenage Drag Queen (From the Unison Music Records album ‘Glitter City’ 2016)

The Glam Skanks Bandcamp.

Nervous Twitch-Cherry Bomb (Digital track 2012)

Nervous Twitch Bandcamp.

Milk Teeth-Owning Your Okayness (From the Roadrunner Records EP ‘Be Nice’ 2017)

Milk Teeth Bandcamp.

Natterers-Surf Off! (From the Boss Tuneage/Serial Bowl Records EP ‘Toxic Care’ 2017)

Natterers Bandcamp.

Petite-Gentle Play (From the self titled, self released cassette EP 2017) 

Petite Bandcamp.

Royal Oi!-Bootboys And Hooligans (From the Crowd Control Media Records album 
‘Bootboys And Hooligans’ 2015)

Royal Oi! Bandcamp.

The Cliches-Bovver Boots (Randale Records 7’’ 2014)

Cock Sparrer-Don’t Tell Anyone Anything (From the Pirates Press album ‘Forever’ 2017)

Honey Joy-Anonymous Was A Woman (From the self titled Everything Sucks Records album 2017)

Honey Joy Bandcamp.

Christ Vs. Warhol-Caged Birds (Digital track 2017)

Christ Vs. Warhol Bandcamp.

Slimy Member-Nightmare World (From the Drunken Sailor Records album ‘Ugly Songs For Ugly People’ 2017)

Slimy Member Bandcamp.

Peaness-Same Place (Odd Box Records 7’’ 2017)

Peaness Bandcamp.

Download the show as an MP3 here.

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