Saturday, February 18, 2017

Generating Steam Heat radio show 14.02.17

After last weeks new psych extravaganza #GSHradio returned this week to the simple pleasures of bands bashing the hell out of their instruments to create three minutes of magic...

The playlist and some notes:

Petrol Girls-Touch Me Again (From the Bomber Music Records album ‘Talk Of Violence’ 2016)

Petrol Girls Bandcamp.   

Dana Gillespie-Andy Warhol (RCA Records 7’’ 1974)

Ganglions-Chindogu (From the self released EP ‘Fetch’ 2016)

Ganglions Bandcamp. 

The Shangri-Las-Out In The Streets (Red Bird Records 7’’ 1965)

X-White Girl (From the Slash Records album ‘Wild Gift’ 1981)

Chron Gen-Outlaw (Secret Records 7’’ 1982)

Natterers-Defiant (Again) (From the self released cassette EP ‘Demo 2016’ 2016)

Natterers Bandcamp.  

Dream Nails-Bully Girl (From the self released digital EP ‘DIY’ 2016)

Dream Nails Bandcamp.

Shirkers-Drunk And Disorderly (Limp Records 7’’ 1978)

Cash Registers-Beer Bottles From Heaven (From the DK Records album ‘20th Century Eyes’ 2016)

Cash Registers Bandcamp

Ryley Walker-Age Old Tale (From the Dead Oceans Records album ‘Dead Sings That Have Been Sung’ 2016)

Four Way Cross-Suspended (from the self released digital EP ‘Fiction’ 2017)

Four Way Cross Bandcamp

Several Prizes-Dark Blue (From the Rockcd Records MLP ‘Last Wish’ 2015)

Several Prizes Bandcamp.

Crystal Fairy-Crystal Fairy (Ipecac Records digital single 2016)

Crystal Fairy Bandcamp.

Buzzcocks-Times Up (From the New Hormones Records EP ‘Spiral Scratch’ 1977)

Download the show as an MP3 here.

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