Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Generating Steam Heat radio show 07.02.17 (Best new psych albums of 2016 special)

On this weeks #GSHradio we handed over the show to the Psych Lovers Facebook group.

Generating Steam Heats very own psychedelicologist Groovy Al Wyatt joined us to play tracks from the Psych Lovers choice of top 12 new psych albums of 2016. More info on the groups choices for the show can be found here while the groups look at best reissues and live albums of 2016 is here.

Prepare to have your mind well and truly melted...

The playlist and some notes:

Heron Oblivion-Sudden Lament (From the self titled Sub Pop Records album 2016)

Blown Out-New Cruiser (GSH edit) (From the Swapmeat Records album ‘New Cruiser’ 2016)

Blown Out Bandcamp.

Carlton Melton-Aground (GSH edit) (From the Agitated Records MLP ‘Aground’ 2016)

Ju Ju-Samael (From the self titled Sunrise Ocean Bender Records 2016)

Mugstar-La Vallee (From the Rock Action Records album ‘Magnetic Seasons’ 2016)

Mugstar Bandcamp.

Big Naturals/Anthroprophh -Narwhalian Social Purge (From the self titled Cardinal Fuzz Records album 2016)

The Cosmic Dead-Human Sausage (From the Blackest Records album ‘Rainbowhead’ 2016)

The Cosmic Dead Bandcamp.

Nudity-Now I’m Resting (From the Cardinal Fuzz Records album ‘Is Gods Creation’ 2016)

Nudity Bandcamp.

The Myrrors-Liberty Is In The Streets (From the Beyond Beyond Is Beyond Records album ‘Entranced Earth’ 2016)

The Myrrors Bandcamp.

Kandodo/Mcbain-Blowed Out (GSH edit ) (From the Rooster Rock Records album ‘Lost Chants/Last Chance’ 2016)

Dead Sea Apes-Soy Dios (GSH edit ) (From the Cardinal Fuzz Records EP ‘Soy Dios’ 2016)

Dead Sea Apes Bandcamp.

Kigakaku Moyo-Silver Owl (From the Guruguru Brain Records ‘House In The Tall Grass’ 2016)

Kigakaku Moyo Bandcamp.

Download the show as an MP3 here.

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