Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Generating Steam Heat radio show 09.08.16

For #gsh67 Ed X prepared for the first ever live GSH DJ set (yes-we are now available to hire to clear dance floors at weddings, funerals, birthdays etc!) with a show jam packed with top tunes dedicated to one of our favourite labels, Fortuna! Pop Records, who recently called it a day...

The playlist and some notes:

The About Blanks-Va Va Va Voom (Digital track 2012)

The About Blanks Soundcloud.

David Bowie-White Light, White Heat (From the EMI Records album ‘Bowie At The Beeb’ 2000)

Rubber Clown Car-Home In The Suburbs (From the self released digital album ‘Make The Noise’ 2015)

Rubber Clown Car Bandcamp.

Melt Yourself Down-Another Weapon (Speedy Wonderground 7’’ 2016) 

Melt Yourself Down Bandcamp

Neville Staples-Roadblock (From the Cleopatra Records album ‘Ska Crazy’ 2014)

Livebearers-Falconhood (From the self released, self titled digital album 2015) 

Livebearers Bandcamp
Portrayal-Solecism (Self released digital single 2016)

Portrayal Soundcloud.

Social Unrest-Now And Forever (From the Konkurrel Records album ‘Now And Forever’ 1988)

Dysnea Boys-Bucket Of Gas (From the Take It Back Records album ‘Forgot How To Read’ 2016)

Dysnea Boys Bandcamp

Suede Razors-No Time For You (B side of the Contra/Longshot Records 7’’ ‘Berlin Or Bust’ 2016)

Grade 2-All I Know (From the Contra Records album ‘Mainstream View’ 2016)

Screaming Females-Shake It Off (Digital track 2015)

The Flatmates-I Could be In Heaven (Subway Records 7’’ 1986)

Night Flowers-Amy (B side of the Dirty Bingo Records 7’’ ‘Glow In The Dark’ 2016)

Night Flowers Bandcamp.

The Fairweather Band-A New language (From the forthcoming Specialist Subject Records album ‘Meow’ 2016)

The Fairweather Band Bandcamp.  

Evans The Death-Suitcase Jimmy (From the Fortuna! Pop Records album ‘Vanilla’ 2016)

Evans The Death Soundcloud

Martha-Curly & Raquel (From the Fortuna! Pop Records album ‘Blisters In The Pit Of My Heart’ 2016)

Martha Bandcamp.  

Download the show as an MP3 here.

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