Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Generating Steam Heat radio show 02.08.16 (Psych lovers Facebook group special)

#gsh66 saw the return of Generating Steam Heats very own resident psychedlicologist Groovy Al Wyatt with his second Generating Steam Heat psych lovers Facebook group special.

Groovy and the group members hand picked an hour of top psych rock guaranteed to blow your tiny little mind...

(If you need more head spinning tunes, our first psych special is here.)

The playlist and some notes: 

The Band Whos Name Is A Symbol-When Darkness Falls (From the Cardinal Fuzz Records album ‘Masters Of The Molehill’ 2015)

The Oscillation-Take Us To The Moon (From the All Time Low/Hands In The Dark Records album ‘Monographic’ 2016)

Shooting Guns-Real Horse Footage (From the Teargas Recording Tree Records album ‘Brotherhood Of The Ram’ 2013)

The Myrrors-Minds Eye (From the Strange Design Records MLP ‘Burning Circles In The Sky’ 2008) 

White Hills-Life Is Upon You (From the Thrill Jockey Records album ‘Walks For Motorists’ 2015)

Dead Skeletons-Kingdom Of God (From the A Records album ‘Dead Magick’ 2013)

Mugstar-Time Machine (From the Rock Action Records album ‘Magnetic Seasons’ 2016)

Telstar Sound Drone-Strange Apples (From the Bad Afro Records album ‘Magical Solutions To Everyday Struggles’ 2016)

The Hills-The Vessel (From the Rocket Recordings album ‘Master Sleeps’ 2013)

Comets On Fire-Unicorn (From the Ba Da Bing! Records EP ‘Field Recordings From The Sun’ 2002)

White Manna-Evil (From the Captcha Records album ‘Pan’ 2015)

Download the show as an MP3 here.

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