Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Generating Steam Heat radio show 31.05.16

This week's #gsh57 featured new singles from Ruts DC, Suede Razors, Personal Best and Colour Me Wednesday as well as new music from a whole bunch of your soon to be favourite bands. 

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The playlist and some notes: 

The Cosmics-Johnny (Self Released digital single 2016)

Sunflower Bean-Come On (From the Fat Possum Records album ‘Human Ceremony’ 2015)

Sunflower Bean Bandcamp

Hard Wax-Kings Of The Weekend (Self released digital single 2016)

Harker-Certain To Spill (From the Paper+Plastick Records EP ‘A Lifetime Apart’ 2015) 

Harker Bandcamp.

Personal Best-I Go Quiet (Yo Yo Records 7’’ 2016) 

Personal Best Bandcamp.

Colleen Green-Deeper Than Love (From the Hardly Art Records album ‘I Want To Grow Up’ 2015)

Colleen Green Bandcamp.

Suede Razors-Berlin Or Bust (Forthcoming Contra/Pirates Press Records 7’’ 2016)

Austeros-The Strain (From the Don’t Ask Records EP ‘Model Home’ 2015)

Austeros Bandcamp.

Protomartyr-The Devil In His Youth (From the Hardly Art Records album ‘The Agent Intellect’ 2015)

Protomartyr Bandcamp.

Ryley Walker-Sweet Satisfaction (From the album Dead Oceans Records album ‘Primrose Green’ 2015)

Moustache Prawn-Goodbye Zero (From the Piccola Bottega Popolare Records album ‘Erebus’ 2015)

Moustache Prawn Soundcloud

Ruts D.C-Psychic Attack (Forthcoming Sosumi Records 7’’ 2016)

Colour Me Wednesday-In Your Shoes (From the KROD Records EP ‘Anyone And Everyone’ 2016)

Colour Me Wednesday Bandcamp. 

The Poulsons-Tell (From the self released digital album ‘Insanity’ 2015) 

The  Poulsons Bandcamp.

Gentleman Jimmy Tees vinyl meltdown track…

Siouxsie And The Banshees-Playground Twist (Polydor Records 7’’ 1979)

Download the show as an MP3 here.

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