Friday, June 10, 2016

Generating Steam Heat radio show 07.06.16

With the Euros kicking off this week we thought we’d get all competitive with an older vs newer bands match up... 


The playlist and some notes: 

Joyce Manor-The Jerk (From the Epitaph Records album ‘Never Hungover Again’ 2014)

The Brookes-Time Travellers Wife (Self released digital single 2016)

The Brookes Bandcamp.

The Lurkers-Shadow (From the Beggars Banquet Records album ‘Fulham Fallout’ 1978)

Mega City Four-Severe Attack Of The Truth (From the Decoy Records album ‘Tranzophobia’ 1989)

Radioactivity-Where I Come From (From the Dirtnap Records album ‘Silent Kill’ 2015)

Martha-Ice Cream And Sunscreen (From the forthcoming Fortuna! Pop Records album ‘Blisters In The Pit Of My Heart’ 2016)

Martha Bandcamp

The Dubtones-Two Faced Rat (From the self released album ‘War Music’ 2016)

The Dubtones Soundcloud.

The Unsatisfied-The Kids Of Forever (From the self released album ‘Song The Belt Taught Us’ 2011)

The Unsatisfied Bandcamp.

X-Los Angeles (From the Slash Records album ‘Los Angeles’ 1980)

Heathers-Breaker (From the self released digital EP ‘Strange Allies’ 2016)

Heathers Bandcamp

Iggy & The Stooges-Gimme Danger (From the CBS Records album ‘Raw Power’ 1973)

David Bowie-Young Americans (From the RCA Records album ‘Young Americans’ 1975)

Fifteen Years-HellRide (Bandcamp digital track 2016)

Fifteen Years Bandcamp.

DOA-Fucked Up Donald (Self released digital single 2016)

The Muffin Heads-Media Vulture (Unreleased studio track 2016)

The Fairweather Band-Going Feral (From the self titled Specialist Subject Records album 2014)

The Fairweather Band Bandcamp

Losing Sleep-People In Glass Houses Sink Ships (from the Beach Community Records album ‘Fear Of Missing Out’ 2016)

Gentleman Jimmy Tees vinyl meltdown track…

The Jam-Funeral Pyre (Polydor Records 7’’ 1981)
Download the show as an MP3 here. 

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