Thursday, December 17, 2015

Generating Steam Heat radio show 15.12.15

Our final show of 2015. Soundart Radio throws its schedule out of the window over the Christmas period so we get to take a break for a couple of weeks but fear not! We are back live and direct, same time, same place on Tuesday January 5th. Have a good holiday-we will!

The playlist and some notes:

45 Adaptors-Dress Well, Drink Heavilly (Longshot/Contra Records 7’’ 2013)

45 Adapters Bandcamp.

Duffys Cut-What’cha Gonna Do About It? (From the self titled Oi! The Boat Records MLP 2013)

Duffys Cut Bandcamp.

Stiff Little Fingers-Just Fade Away (Chrysalis Records 7’’ 1981)

Jesus And His Judgemental Father-What Now? (From the self released digital album ‘Kings And Queens’ 2012)

Jesus And His Judgemental Father Bandcamp.

Modern Rituals-Waiting Week (From the untitled cassette/digital EP 2015)

Modern Rituals Bandcamp.

The Decemberists-Fits And Starts (From the Rough Trade Records MLP ‘Florasongs’ 2015)

Abigail And Bliss-The Good Old Days (Demo track 2015)

Abigail And Bliss Bandcamp.

Jennylee-Never (Rough Trade Records digital single 2015)

Selfish Son-Unqualified Belief (From the untitled digital EP 2015)

Selfish Son Bandcamp.

Bad Day At The Races-Pretty Baby (Self released digital single 2015) 

Bad Day At The Races Soundcloud.

The Wild Reeds-Let No Grief (From the self released album ‘Blind And Brave’ 2014)

The Wild Reeds Bandcamp.

Big Boys-T.V (From the Wasted Talent Records album ‘Where’s My Towel/Industry Standard’ 1981)

The Inverters-Little Town (Digital track 2015)

The Inverters Reverbnation.

Ming City Rockers-You Ain’t No Friend Of Mine (From the Mad Monkey Records album ‘Ming City Rockers’ 2014)

The Black Keys-Lonely Boy (Nonesuch Records 7’’ 2011)

The Vandals-Oi To The World (From the Kung Foo Records album ‘Oi To The World-Christmas With The Vandals’ 1996)

Gentleman Jimmy Tees vinyl meltdown track…

The Cure-10.15 Saturday Night (Polydor Records 7'' 1979)

Download the show as an MP3 here.

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