Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Generating Steam Heat radio show 01.12.15 (Bootboy rock 'n' roll special part 1)

Get the drinks in and re live the glory days of show 36; a bootboy special taking in a whole host of classic glam, ska, punk, oi, mod and bovver boogie tracks.

This show was road tested under authentic beer drinking conditions and we guarantee you'll be singing and dancing like a loon listening to it! Tune in for more of the same in part 2 next week...

The playlist and some notes:

Cock Sparrer-Runnin’ Riot (Decca Records 7’’ 1977)

Slade-Get Down And Get With It (Polydor Records 7’’ 1971)

Guida-Here Comes Saturday Night (From the Deadbeat Records Album ‘Racey Roller’ 2010)

We talked about bootboys and the various different syles of music that make up bootboy rock 'n' roll. Facebook users-a good starting point for info on some boss bootboy sounds can be found here

Sham 69-Hurry Up Harry (Polydor Records 7’’ 1978)

Duffys Cut-Leavin’ Here (From the Oi! The Boat Records MLP ‘Duffys Cut’ 2013)  

The Bishops-I Want Candy (Chiswick Records 7’’ 1978)

Crushed Butler-Factory Grime (From the Dig The Fuzz Records MLP ‘Uncrushed: Previously Unreleased British Punk From The Underground 1969-1971’ 1998)

Symarip-Skinhead Monstomp (Treasure Isle Records 7’’ 1969)

The Dynamites-John Public (Tom Hark) (New Beat Records 7’’ 1969)

The Jook-Bish Bash Bosh (RCA Records 7’’ 1974)

Shandy-Bish Bosh Bash (Longshot/Contra Records 7’’ 2015)

We talked about the Australian bootboy equivalents from the early to mid 70's, sharpies, and name checked some bootboy, shapie and junk shop glam compilations such as 'Boot Power', 'Sharpies Attack', 'Velvet Tinmine', 'Glitterbest', 'Killed By Glam' and 'Glam Sandwich And Electro Flairs'. Some are commercial releases while others are bootlegs-search for them and you'll find them. 'Boot Power' and 'Sharpies Attack' could originally be found here.

Skaville UK-Brixton Cat (From the Moonska Europe Records album ‘1973’ 2007)

Sisters-Kick Your Boots Off (Bell Records 7’’ 1973)

Menace-I’m Civilised (B side of the Small Wonder Records 7’’ ‘GLC’ 1978)

The Templars-Right To Work (From the Sonic Aggression Records EP ‘Poor Knights Of Acre’ 1993)

Rico And The Rudies-Brixton Cat (Joe Duke Records 7’’ 1969)

The Upsetters-Return Of Django (Upsetter Records 7’’ 1968)

The Gymslips-48 Crash (Abstract Sounds Records 7’’ 1982)

Gentleman Jimmy Tees surprise after show additional vinyl meltdown track…

Slaughter And The Dogs-Runaway (B side of the DJM Records 7’’ ‘You’re Ready Now’ 1979)
Download the show as an MP3 here.


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Lewdd said...

i would be ok with an entire blog that just posted homemade compilations like this one. great stuff guys.