Friday, August 21, 2015

Generating Steam Heat radio show 18.08.15

Show 21 was a real blast with a great mix of new tunes and some old classics. Some shows just flow really well; this was one of them.

Next week batton down the hatches for our classic US hardcore special!

The playlist and some notes:

Kates Party-Cougar (From the self released album ‘Hollow’ 2014)

Kates Party Bandcamp

We talked about Kates Party forthcoming UK gigs including this one with Colour Me Wednesday...

Chelsea-Living In The Urban UK (From the album ‘Faster, Cheaper and Better Looking’ 2005)

Colour Me Wednesday-Sweaters (From the Lauren Records album Spoonboy/Colour Me Wednesday’ 2014)

Mammoth Penguins-Propped Up (From the Fortuna Pop! Records album ‘Hide and Seek’ 2015)

Newtown Neurotics-The Mess (From the Razor Records album ‘Beggars Can Be Choosers’ 1983)

The Heavy Hearted-Moments (Freakscene Records 7’’ 2014)

Freakscene Records website.

Honeyblood-No Spare Key (From the Fat Cat Records album ‘Honeyblood’ 2014)

Brian Eno-Needles In The Camels Eye (From the Island Records album ‘Here Come The Warm Jets’ 1973)

Best Coast-So Unaware (From the Harvest Records album ‘California Nights’ 2015)

Ceremonials-Eastern Sun (Soundcloud digital single)

Ceremonials Bandcamp.

Wire-Split Your Ends (From the Pink Flag Records album ‘Wire’ 2015)

Warpaint-Ashes To Ashes Pt 1 (From the Na├»ve Records compilation album ‘We’re So Turned On-A Tribute To David Bowie’ 2010)

The Tuts-Worry Warrior (Self released digital single 2013)

The Tuts Bandcamp.

Desmond Decker-You Can Get It If You Really Want It (Beverleys Records 7’’ 1970)

Lakefield-Cupid (From the self released MLP ‘Swansongs’ 2014)

Beam-Don’t Be Mad (From the Taiyo Records album ‘A Hole Year’ 2010)

Beam Bandcamp

Download the show as an MP3 here.

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