Saturday, June 09, 2018

Generating Steam Heat radio show 05.06.18

This weeks show was an all over the place game of three thirds as we took a look at Emotional Response​ Records 'Typical Girls' Volume 4 compilation album, Dartington Arts​ and The Black Bird Collective​ Party In The Town series of live gigs happening in our hometown HQ Totnes​ on Saturday June 9th as well as squeezing in some of our usual punk and post punk junk.

The playlist and some notes:

Amyl and the Sniffers-I’m Not A Loser (From the Homeless Records EP ‘Big Attraction’ 2017) 

Amyl and the Sniffers Bandcamp.

French Vanilla-Evolution Of A Friendship (From the Emotional Response Records album ‘Typical Girls Vol.4 2018) 

French Vanilla Bandcamp.

Shadow Factory-Walked Into Te Room (Pt 2)

Shadow Factory Souncloud.

Hot Snakes-Six Wave Hold-Down (From the Sub Pop Records album ‘Jericho Sirens’ 2018)

Hot Snakes Bandcamp.

Primary-No Bridge Unburned (From the Emotional Response Records album ‘Typical Girls Vol.4 2018)

Primary Bandcamp.

Magic Bus-Zeta (From the self released album ‘Phillip The Egg’ 2017)

Magic Bus Bandcamp.

Junk Volcano-Desert Blues (Self released digital track 2017)

Junk Volcano Bandcamp.

Pavlova-Blubber Boy (Demo track 2018)

Pavlova Soundcloud.

HotLove-Witches Spell (Live 2017)

HotLove Bandcamp.

The Ghost Wolves-Crybabies Go Home (From the Hound Gawd! Records album ‘Texa$ Platinum’ 2017)

The Courettes-Nobody But You (From the Sounds Of Subterrania Records album ‘We Are The Courettes! 2018)

The Courettes Bandcamp.

Evi Vine-Dead Souls (Self released digital track 2017)

Evi Vine Soundcloud.

Peter Kernel-Pretty Perfect (From the self released album ‘The Size Of The Night’ 2018)

Peter Kernel Bandcamp.

The Diamond Family Archive-The Mourning Singing O (Self released digital single 2018)

The Diamond Family Archive Bandcamp.

No Love-Dead If I Do (From the Emotional Response Records album ‘Typical Girls Vol.4 2018)

No Love Bandcamp.

Death Lottery-No Brainz (From the self released, self titled cassette EP 2017)

Death Lottery Bandcamp.

Heathers-Linear Movement (From the self released cassette EP ‘Midnight Is A Place’ 2018)

Heathers Bandcamp.

Download the show as an MP3 here.

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