Thursday, September 07, 2017

Generating Steam Heat radio show 05.09.17

On this weeks show we dug through the crates to bring you some vital current UK post punk and indie pop, payed a visit to the Dischord Records back catalogue, threw some ace Canadian bands into the mix and uncovered some long lost synth and oi! classics...

The playlist and some notes:

The Prowlers-Serial Pousseur (Aggro Beat Records 7’’ 2017)

Alvvays-Plimsoul Punks (Polyvinyl Records digital single 2017)

Alvvays Bandcamp.

Lungfish-Friend To Friend In Endtime (From the Dischord Records album ‘Talking Songs For Walking’ 1992)

Fugazi-Waiting Room (From the self titled Dischord Records MLP 1988)

We talked about the Dischord Records back catalogue being made available on Bandcamp.

Fascinations Grand Chorus-Wait (Silent Stereo Records digital single 2017)

Fascinations Grand Chorus Bandcamp.

Pillow Queens-Wonderboy (From the Specialist Subject Records EP ‘Calm Girls’ 2017)

Pillow Queens Bandcamp.

The Kominas-Banana (From the self released album ‘Stereotype’ 2015)

The Kominas Bandcamp.

The Regrettes-Till Tommorow (From the Warner Music Records album ‘Feel Your Feelings Fool’ 2017)

Belinda Carlisle-Leave A Light On (Virgin Records 7’’ 1989)

Gina X Performance-No G.D.M (EMI Records 12’’ 1979)

TinnedFruit-Robot Alex (From the Automonster Records album ‘Sorry Guys’ 2017) 

TinnedFruit Bandcamp.

Drahla-Faux Text (Too Pure Records 7’’ 2017)

Drahla Bandcamp.

Gang Of Four-I Found That Essence Rare (From the EMI Records album ‘Entertainment’ 1979)

Peaness-Oh George (From the Alcopop! Records EP ‘Are You Sure?’ 2017)

Peaness Bandcamp.

The Press-21 Guitar Salute (From the Oi! Records album ‘The Press/The Radicts-Skins ’n’ Punks Volume 5 The US Connection’ 1989)

Download the show as an MP3 here.

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