Thursday, June 08, 2017

Generating Steam Heat radio show 06.06.17

So it's finally here! Not election week but Generating Steam Heat show 108 featuring an hour of great music to inspire in jaded times...

The playlist and some notes:

Colour Me Wednesday-Don’t Tell Anyone (From the KROD Records EP ‘Anyone And Everyone’ 2016)

Wolf Girl-Moody (Odd Box Records 7’’ 2017)

Gazebos-Just Get High (From the Hardly Art Records album ‘Die Alone’ 2016)

Chastity Belt-Caught In A Lie (From the Hardly Art Records album ‘I Used To Spend So Much Time Alone’ 2017)

Anti System-Government Lies (From the Pax Records EP ‘Defence Of The Realm’ 1983)

Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds-Stagger Lee (From the Mute Records album ‘Murder Ballads’ 1996)

Marky Ramones Blitzkrieg-When We Were Angels (Self released 7’’ 2009)

Ramones-Blitzkrieg Bop (40th Anniversary Mono Mix (From the Rhino Records album ‘Ramones-40th Anniversary Delux Edition’ 2016) 

C.H.E.W-Nueroleptics (From the Neck Chop Records 7’’ EP ‘Demo’ 2017)

G.L.O.S.S-Targets Of Men, Targets Of Men (From the Sabotage Records EP ‘Demo 2015’ 2015)

Dyke Drama-Day For Night (From the Salinas Records album ‘Up Against The Bricks’ 2016)

November Onoto Band-I’m Heeled (From the Taiyo Records digital album ‘Come On And leave Me Alone’ 2017)

Tau-Ana Inta Inta Ana (Slimer Records 7’’ 2017)

Talbot Tagora-Mixed Signals Through Miles Of Pilgrimage (From the Hardly Art Records album ‘Lessons In The Woods Or A City’ 2009)

No Time-Shit Society (From the Six Feet Under Records album ‘You’ll Get Yours’ 2016)

Dillenger-Cokane In My Brain (Island Records 7’’ 1976)

Download the show as an MP3 here.

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