Thursday, May 11, 2017

Generating Steam Heat radio show 09.05.17

The great new music keeps coming on this weeks #GSHradio with tracks from some great new releaes alongside some equally ace recent and older classics. We also talk about the planned Polystyrene documentary 'Polystyrene-I Am A Cliche' and play some related tunes...

The playlist and some notes:

Giuda-Firefly (B Side of the Burning Heart Records 7’’ ‘Bad Days Are Back’ 2017)

Giuda Bandcamp.

Cash Registers-Stripping For Christ (From the DK Records album ‘20th Century Eyes 2016)

Cash Registers Bandcamp.

X-Ray Spex-The Day The World Turned Dayglo (EMI Records 7’’ 1978)

Thurston Moore-Smoke Of Dreams (From the Caroline Records album ‘Rock ’n’ Roll Consciousness’ 2017)

Vashti Bunyan-17 Pink Sugar Elephants (From the Fat Cat Records album ‘Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind (Singles And Demos 1964-1967) 2007)

Velodrome-Steady Girl (Digital single 2017)

Velodrome Bandcamp.

Altered Images-Dead Pop Stars (Epic Records 7’’ 1981)

Heathers-The Hydra (From the self released digital EP 'Strange Allies' 2016)

Heathers Bandcamp.

Molar-Predictable (From the Everything Sucks Records 'Molar/Pale Kids' EP 2016)

Molar Bandcamp.

Glam Skanks-Fuck Off (From the Unison Records album ‘Glitter City’ 2016)

Glam Skanks Bandcamp.

Girlschool-C’mon Lets Go (Bronze Records 7’’ 1981)

Suede Razors-Keep On Rockin’ (From the forthcoming Pirates Press/Randale Records MLP ‘Razor Stomp’ 2017)

Essential Logic-Aerosol Burns (Cells Records 7’’ 1978)

S-White House (From the Hardly Art Records album ‘Cool Choices’ 2014)

Jenn Champion Bandcamp.

The Samples-Dead Hero (No Future Records 7’’ 1982)

Slade-In Like A Shot From My Gun (From the Polydor Records album 'Slade Alive' 1972)

Download the show a an MP3 here.

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