Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Generating Steam Heat radio show 06.09.16

After three weeks of sun, sea and sangria (Ed X) meditation, fasting and spiritual awakening (Gentleman Jimmy Tee) this weeks all new show is a particuarly eclectic mix of tunes...

The playlist and some notes...

Rixe-Rapport De Force (From the Las Vida Es Un Mus Records EP ‘Les Nerfs A Vif’ 2016)

Christine and the Queens-Science Fiction (From the Because Music Records album ‘Chaleur Humaine’ 2014)

Jenn Champion-No One (From the forthcoming Hardly Art Records EP ‘No One’ 2016)

Jenn Champion Bandcamp.

The Fireworks-All The Time (From the Shelflife Records EP ‘Black and Blue’ 2016)

The Fireworks Bandcamp.

Blue House-I Found My Limit (From the forthcoming Whipped Cream Records album ‘Suppose’ 2016)

Blue House Bandcamp.

GBH-Diplomatic Immunity (From the Clay Records album ‘City Babys Revenge’ 1983)

Dissober-Grave New World (From the Distortion Records album ‘Sober Life…No Way’ 1994)

James Chance and the Contortions-Contort Yourself (From the Ze Records album ‘Buy’ 1979)

Melt Yourself Down-Dot To Dot (From the Leaf Records album ‘Last Evenings On Earth’ 2016)

Melt Yourself Down Bandcamp.  

Pussywhips-1000 Ways To Die (From the self released, self titled digital EP 2016)

Pussywhips Bandcamp.

The Wave Pictures-Pea Green Coat (Moshi Moshi Records 7’’ 2014)

Can-Vitamin C (United Artists Records 7’’ 1972)

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds-Jesus Alone (From the forthcoming Bad Seeds Ltd album ‘Skeleton Tree’ 2016)

Issac-Shudder (From the Don’t Ask Records album ‘Burner’ 2015) 

The Human League-Open Your Heart (Virgin Records 7’’ 1981)

Download the show as an MP3 here.

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