Sunday, July 10, 2016

Generating Steam Heat radio show 05.07.16

After last weeks post punk show meticulously planned and executed over a two month period by our guest Rob Hopkins, we threw together this weeks #gsh62 in the time it takes to bash out a Ramones tune. Enjoy...

The playlist and some notes:

G.L.O.S.S-Trans Day Of Revenge (From the Sabotage Records EP ‘Trans Day Of Revenge’ 2016)

Tacocat-I Love Seatle (From the Hardly Art Records album ‘Lost Time’ 2016)

Tacocat Bandcamp.

The Saints-Save Me (From the Harvest Records album ‘Prehistoric Sounds’ 1978)

Nolan Porter-Keep On Keepin’ On (Lizard Records 7’’ 1971)

The Comsat Angels-Independence Day (Polydor Records 7’’ 1980)

Dysnea Boys-Paper Pills (From the Take It Back Records album ‘Forgot How To Read’ 2016)

Dysnea Boys Bandcamp.

The Julie Ruin-I Decide (Hardly Art Records digital single 2016)

The Posies-We R Power! (From the Lojinx Records album ‘Solid States’ 2016)

Quinn-Sixteen Vandals (From the self released digital EP ‘Seems Fine’ 2016)

Quinn Soundcloud.

The Flatmates-Shimmer (Subway Records 7’’ 1988)

So What-Why Can’t I See You Tonight? (Just Add Water Records 7’’ 2006)

So What Bandcamp.

Adam & The Ants-Ants Invasion (From the CBS Records album ‘Kings Of The Wild Frontier’ 1980)

Teleman-Glory Hallelujah (From the Moshi Moshi Records album ‘Brilliant Sanity’ 2016)

Angry Itch-The Bristow Disco (From the self released digital album ‘Chimpanzee’ 2015)

Angry Itch Soundcloud.

The Devils Troubadours-Suddenly (From the self titled Zomie! Records cassette EP 2015)

The Devils Troubadours Bandcamp.

The Rosehips-I Shouldn’t Have To Say (Subway Records 7’’ 1987)

Gentleman Jimmy Tees vinyl meltdown track…

The Stranglers-Who Wants The World (United Artists Records 7’’ 1980)

Download the show as an MP3 here.

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