Friday, January 22, 2016

Generating Steam Heat radio show 19.01.16

For our first live show of 2016 we played 100% all new music highlighting some great tracks from  your new favourite bands. Gentleman Jimmy Tees also found time in his vinyl meltdown to pay tribute to the late David Bowie...

The playlist and some notes: 

Shit Present-Evaporate (From the self titled Specialist Subject Records MLP 2015)

Shit Present Bandcamp.

Bill Mountain-Lets Get It Started (Self released digital single 2015)

Bill Mountain Bandcamp.

Meat Wave-Delusion Moon (From the Side One Dummy Records album ‘Delusion Moon’ 2015)

Meat Wave Bandcamp.

Shandy-Ride With You (From the Longshot/Contra Records album ‘Tough Puckers’ 2015)

Shandy Bandcamp.

Faz Waltz-We’re All We’ve Got (From the White Zoo/Contra Records album ‘Move Over’ 2014)

Faz Waltz Bandcamp.

Worriers-Unwritten (From the Don Giovanni Records album ‘Imaginary Life’ 2015)

Worriers Bandcamp.

White Lung-Down It Goes (From the Domino Records album ‘Deep Fantasy’ 2014)

White Lung Bandcamp.

Elephant-Swimming (Demo track 2015)

Elephant YouTube.

Downtown Boys-Monstro (From the Don Giovanni Records album ‘Full Communism’ 2015)

Downtown Boys Bandcamp

Downtown Boys are amongst a number of bands that Jeff Miller wrote about in his recent article 'Punk Scrapbook 2015' on Said The Gramophone that we will be featuring over the next few weeks.

The Inverters-Hear Me Cry (Demo track 2015)

The Inverters Reverb Nation.

Hard Left-Yesterdays Hero (From the Future Perfect Records album ‘We Are Hard Left’ 2015)

Hard Left Bandcamp.

Lilywoooooooooo-Hitotsu (Digital track 2015)

Lilywoooooooooo Bandcamp.

Stick In The Wheel-Champion (Self released digital single 2015)

Stick In The Wheel Bandcamp.

Sam Russo-Runaway (From the Red Scare/Specialist Subject Records album ‘Greyhound Dreams’ 2015)

Sam Russo Bandcamp.

Kagoule-Damp Sand (From the Earache Records album ‘Urth’ 2015)

Kagoule Bandcamp.

The Hurriers-Big Ideas And Promises (From the Power Of Song Records album ‘From Acorns Mighty Oaks’ 2015)

The Hurriers Bandcamp.

Gentleman Jimmy Tees vinyl meltdown track…

David Bowie-The Prettiest Star (From the RCA Records album 'Aladdin Sane' 1973)

Download the show as an MP3 here.

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