Thursday, October 22, 2015

Generating Steam Heat radio show 20.10.15

This week we hit the big show 30 and to mark the occasion we played 100% new music from a whole host of great current punk, indie pop, post punk, oi! and underground bands.

Next week Gentleman Jimmy Tee goes solo with the first instalment of a two part electro punk special...

The playlist and some notes:

Honey Joy-Our Best (From the self released cassette/digital EP ‘Feel Bad’ 2015)

Honey Joy Bandcamp.

The Last Crusade-Deadbeat (From the Rebellion Records 7’’ EP ‘Last Crusade’ 2015)

Death x Squad-Rich Mans Fail (from the Primator Crew Records 7’’ EP ‘In Memory Of All My Enemies’ 2015)

Death x Squad Bandcamp.

Doe-C.A.E (From the Specialist Subject Records album ‘First Four’ 2015)

Static In Verona-Shudder To Think (From the self released digital album ‘Odd Anthem’ 2015)

Static In Verona Bandcamp.

Veronica Falls-If You Still Want Me (From the Bella Union Records album ‘Waiting For Something  To Happen’ 2013)

Radiator Hospital-Cut Your Bangs (From the Salinas Records album ‘Torch Songs’ 2014)

Radiator Hospital Bandcamp.

Rusts-I’m In Love With A Girl From Veronica Falls (From the self released digital ‘The Love Games’ 2012)

Rusts Bandcamp.

Hop Along-Horseshoe Crabs (From the Saddle Creek Records album ‘Painted Shut’ 2015)

Fierce Mild-Small Talk (From the Little Gem Records digital album ‘Yes n Yes N Yes’ 2015)

Fierce Mild Bandcamp.

Chastity Belt-Joke (From the album Hardly Art Records album ‘Time To Go Home’ 2015)

Chastity Belt Bandcamp.

Wildwood Kin-Make A Stand (Soundcloud digital track 2015)

Wildwood Kin Soundcloud.

Shopping-Sinking Feeling (From the Fat Cat Records album ‘Why Choose’ 2015)

Malfunction-Brand New Breakdown (From the self released digital album ‘Cover It Up’ 2015)

Malfunction Bandcamp. 

The Doctor Martens photo gallery that Gentleman Jimmy Tee mention is here.

Crown Court-BTP (From the self released demo ‘Trouble In London’ 2014)

Crown Court Bandcamp.

Violent Reaction-Crust Fund (From the Revelation Records album ‘Marching On’ 2015)

Violent Reaction Bandcamp.

Muncie Girls-Pet Semetary (From the Uncle M Records split Muncie Girls/Sandlotkids 7’’ 2015)

Muncie Girls Bandcamp.

Colour Me Wednesday-I Thought It Was Morning (From the Dovetown/Discount Horse Records album ‘I Thought It Was Morning’ 2013)

Colour Me Wednesday Bandcamp. 

Gentleman Jimmy Tees surprise after show additional vinyl meltdown track…

Low-No End (From the Sub Pop Records album 'Ones And Sixes' 2015)

Download the show as an MP3 here.

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