Tuesday, August 01, 2006

1-2-3-4! (The Ramones)

It's been six months since I set this blog up and in that time I’ve posted a grand total of …nothing! When I decided to do this I was hooked on the excellent Something I Learned Today and
Strange Reaction MP3 blogs and since then there’s been many more punk MP3 blogs that have appeared so it’s about time I joined in with the fun so (Hey Ho!) lets go...

Firstly, I’m not going to be posting new stuff every day (or even week or month). As I’ve found with my own musical activities, life has a way of interfering with even punk rock so I’ll be posting as and when I have something good to share. Secondly, as I said earlier, there’s a lot of punk blogs out there now. I’ll be posting some great punk & hardcore but also other stuff I like. If I manage to keep this going you’ll get the picture. Now for some music:

The Ramones. How many people have they turned onto new music over the years? They’re still one of the few blasts from my past that can turn me into a gibbering mess. All it takes is Dee Dee or C.J shouting “1-2-3-4” and I’m off! Here’s some cool Ramones related music that I’ve not seen mentioned anywhere else. Three full albums of Ramones and Ramones solo material (including some rare stuff), Ramones covers and songs inspired by The Ramones, all mixed together as one track.

I found these on a dance/mash up site (don’t worry-they don’t have beats added and they’re not dance mixes!) and whoever put these together obviously loves these songs. It’s kind of like three Ramones party mix CDs. I guarantee if you like this band you’ll be jumping around like a maniac to these. Go get them while you can here:

Rock ‘n’ Roll Radio volumes 1-3 (Ramones mix CDs)

Been living in a cave and want some history on the band? Find the true uncensored story here. Mark Prindle’s excellent Ramones album reviews (even if he does get it wrong, wrong, wrong on C.J!) are here.

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Slits Fan said...

I agree that he's wrong about CJ. He could play and sing but unfortunately he was expected to fill an icon's shoes. He's the American equivalent of Nick Sheppard.