Monday, January 07, 2019

Generating Steam Heat radio show 18.12.18

Ed X and Gentleman Jimmy T's final show of 2018...

The playlist and some notes...

Bad Moves-Out Of Reach (From the Don Giovanni Records album ‘Tell No One’ 2018)

Constant Mongrel-Lifeless Crisis (From the La Vida es Un Mus Records album ‘Living In Excellence’ 2018)

Ultravox!-Slow Motion (From the Island Records album ‘Systems Of Romance’ 1978)

Hotel-No GDM (Unreleased digital track 2017)

Chandra-Stranger (From the album Telephone Explosion Records album 'Transportation (Reissue)' 2018)

Drenge-Autonomy (Infectious Records 12’’ 2018)

Pete Shelley-Twilight (From the Genetic Records album 'XL1' 1983)

Blanketman-Flip It Over (Digital single 2018)

Exene Cervenka-Half Past Forever (From the Bloodshot Record album ‘The Excitement Of Maybe’ 2011)

American Music Club-Patriots Heart (From the Cooking Vinyl Records album ‘Love Songs For Patriots’ 2004)

HotLove-Million Miles (Self released digital single 2018)

The Menstrual Cramps-Mutual Masterbation (From the self released album ‘Free Bleedin’ 2018)

Avengers-Open Your Eyes (From the self titled CD Presents Records album 1983)

Ramoms-Merry Xmas (I Don’t Wanna Fight Tonight) (From the Pirates Press Records 'Dad Brains/Ramoms’ split 7’’ 2018) 

Download the show as an MP3 here.

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Generating Steam Heat radio show 11.12.18 (Hungarian Punk Special)

On this weeks show we aimed to entertain and educate as we were joined by guest Janos Sisak for a Hungarian punk special.

Janos hand picked an hour of tunes starting with bands who risked their lives and liberty in communist Hungary in the late 70's right up to the current wave of punk bands.

Trying to find accurate release info on a lot of the tracks Janos selected proved to be near on impossible as was finding original versions of a few of the songs chosen, so we went with some re recorded versions of important tracks to tell the story. 

Thanks to Janos for putting this show together.    

The playlist and some notes:

C.P.G-Erdős Péter 
Kretens-Ünnep a túlvilágon
Agydaganat-Világosítsd fel
QSS-Rut Faziat
Elit Osztag-Kék fény 
Tizedes meg a többiek-Zuhanj te bombázó 
Auróra-Egy kis anarchia
Hatóságilag Tilos-Nem ez voltál 
Hétköznapi Csalódások-5 óra 30 perc
C.A.F.B-Engedj be 
Prosectura-Mindenki egyért 
Alvin és a Mókusok-Júlia nem akar a földön járni
Utolsó alkalom-Tiszta csuda 
Trabant-Kész az egész
Download the show as an MP3 here.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Generating Steam Heat radio show 04.12.18

On the show Gentleman Jimmy T and Ed X dug out a bunch of vinyl they didn't have time to play at the recent #gshlive event alongside the usual barrage of new releases and lost classics.

The playlist and some notes:

Reigning Sound-Time Bomb High School (From the self titled In The Red Records album 2002)

Bad Moves-Spirit FM (From the Don Giovani Records album ‘Tell No One’ 2018)

Petrol Girls-Strike (From the Hassle Records EP ‘The Future Is Dark’ 2018)

Bush Tetras-Too Many Creeps (99 Records 7’’ 1980)

Constant Mongrel-Puffy (From the La Vida Es Un Mus Records album ‘Living In Excellence’ 2018)

LIPS-Walls (Self Released digital single 2018)

Blanketman-Sick & Tired (Self released digital single 2018)

Liquid Liquid-Cavern (From the 99 Records 12’’ EP ‘Optimo’ 1983)

Generation X-Untouchables (From the Chrysalis Records album ‘Kiss Me Deadly’ 1981)

Ultra Razzia-Transport Au Cerveau (From the self titled Primator Crew Record album 2018) 

Talitha Rise feat Doktor MattyB-Chapel Bell (Doktor MattyB Remix) (Self released digital single 2018)

Hotel-Makin’ The Rules (From the Anteprima Records MLP ‘Express Checkout’ 2017)

Gouge Away-Stray/Burnt Sugar (From the Deathwish Records album ‘Burnt Sugar’ 2018)

Dot Dash-Disguises (From the Beautiful Music Records album ‘Proto Retro’ 2018)

Maximum Joy-Stretch (Y Records 12’’ 1981) 

Download the show as an MP3 here.

Sunday, December 02, 2018

Generating Steam Heat radio show 27.11.18

This week guest DJ Alistair Moffat dug deep into his record collection searching for vinyl gold...

Alistair played a mix of new tracks and lost classics from The Drowning Craze, Lowlife, Soft Kill, The Chats, We Could Be Aeroplanes, The Clean, School Damage, Pere Ubu, Unicycle Loves You, The Spook School, Foliage, Tigercats, The Stupids, Makthaverskan, Tinsel Heart, Desperate Journalist, Fire Engines, Sacred Paws and ESG. Enjoy the show...

Download the show as an MP3 here.

Friday, November 23, 2018

Generating Steam Heat radio show 20.11.18

As a taster for this Satudays #gshlive in our hometown H.Q of Totnes in the UK this weeks show was made up of a live set from lastt months Generating Steam Heat live event.

Lee-J52 DJ'd a set of loud women kicking out the jams including in order; Pixies, Kate Bush, The Raincoats, Hole, Sidi Bou Said, Goat Girl, Wolf Alice, Courtney Barnett, The Frantic Spiders, III, PJ Harvey, The Slits, Lush, X-Ray Spex, Hinds, L7, Violent Femmes (OK! Not loud women but 'Gone Daddy Gone' is a great song!!!), The Breeders, Elastica, Throwing Muses and My Bloody Valentine.

Enjoy the show...

Download the show as an MP3 here.

Generating Steam Heat radio show 13.11.18

After four weks of themed specials, Ed was joined by guest Dai Sick for a look at all the great new music that's been released recently alongside a few lost classics...

The playlist and some notes:

C.H.E.W-Violation (From the Iron Lung Records album ‘Feeding Frenzy’ 2018)

Constant Mongrel-600 Pounds (From the La Vida Es Un Mus Records album ‘Living In Excellence’ 2018)

BODEGA-Jack In Titanic (From the album ‘Endless Scroll’ 2018)  

Television-Friction (From the Elektra Records album ‘Marquee Moon’ 1977)

Low-Fly (From the Sub Pop Records album ‘Double negative’ 2018)

Barstool Preachers-Choose My Friends (From the Pirates Press Records album ‘Grazie Governo’ 2018)

Cock Sparrer-One by One (From the Pirates Press Records album ‘Forever’ 2017)

Crown Court-Mad In England (From the Goner Records EP ‘Mad In England’ 2018)

Camper van Beethoven-Take The Skinheads Bowling

Bad Moves-Give It a Shot (From the Don Giovani Records album ‘Tell No One’ 2018)

Adwaith-Y Diweddaraf (From the Libertino Records album ‘Melyn’ 2018)

L I P S-Apartment (Self released digital single 2018)

Neurotic Fiction-Loose End (From the Specialist Subject Records album ‘Pulp Music’ 2018)

Pig Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs-GNT (From the Rocket Records album ‘King Of Cowards’ 2018)

The Paranoyds-Rat Boy (From the Hard Feelings Records EP ‘After You’ 2016) 

We Are The Physics-Napoleon Loves Josephine (From the This is Fake DIY Records album ‘Your Friend The Atom’ 2012)

Download the show as an MP3 here.

Generating Steam Heat live!

The final #gshlive of 2018 takes place Saturday November 24th at Angel Studios in Totnes...

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

WFT is mutant disco?!?

Over the past month we ran four shows dedicated to answering the question WFT is mutant disco?!?

The term mutant disco was first used in New York in the late 70s to describe a post punk take on disco and funk; incorporating no wave, punk, jazz and post punk music. New York record label Ze Records named a compilation album 'Mutant Disco' in 1981 and more recently we have started using the term for some of our #gshlive DJ sets playing old and new artists making punk attitude dance music.

As there is no mutant disco rule book we have been pretty liberal in the tracks we have chosen for these shows, taking in bands from different Generating Steam Heat friendly genres; infact we made this look at mutant disco up as we went along! We did though reach a conclusion on what we think mutant disco is-music for open minded punks to dance to... Enjoy the shows.

Download pt 1 as an MP3 here.

Download pt 2 as an MP3 here.

Download pt 3 as an MP3 here.

Download pt 4 as an MP3 here.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Generating Steam Heat live!

We have another Generating Steam Heat #gshlive night coming up at Angel Studios in Totnes next Saturday October 27th...